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Women Wonder Why Children and Pets are Deal-breakers for Some Guys?

After receiving numerous responses through email regarding this topic, I thought it only proper to respond.  Ladies wondered why I have a definitive view on this subject-matter when it comes to men dating or marrying women.  First let’s tackle the topic of pets and relationships.  Yes, there are those guys that love pets and therefore there are dating web sites that cater to such a niche.  Now, when it comes to conventional dating it is a bite harder for these people to get matched on other dating sites due to allergies, lack of interest, or some other reason.  I personally care not to have some thing trolling around my residence that will always remain a liability, require increased cost and maintenance, and can never mature to a level beyond the present state of evolution.  So, in essence, a side-kick of sorts that may be best suited for time consumption at a much older age when either retired with more time available and potentially fewer resources as a person up in age.  This is one reason why 62% of the women in my age demographic are avoided when it comes to dating.

Many younger guys may tolerate the pets in order to cope with the benefits of being with a woman.  In my youth, I never made a compromised in this regard because I refused to put myself and my partner under a veil of lies just to have sex on an on-going basis.  One thing that I do not do is “Drink the Cool-Aid” for anyone.  So, the guys that play the role of liking the pets will do so until they begin a serious relationship and the first issue is usually getting rid of them.  I will never equate pets with children so when a woman calls them her children, it is an immediate deal-breaker for me.  As a person that used to have pets, I understand the time, commitment, and expense, and exclusion that brings socially.  For this reason, when I see personal ads with women posing with pets, I immediately swipe left on them without reading a single line of their profile.  Another factor is the use of time, because in these relationships, the pet becomes an entity that will need the same thing a guy will need in the relationship and it is shared with a non-human and think about it if you have a child with this person how further fragmented your time will be alone with your partner.  I do not dislike or hate pets, but just prefer not having dog or cat hair on me or sharing time with the creatures.

Now, on the topic of single mother or women with children, there are some major considerations for me.  First I would never date a woman with children again because they are someone else’s responsibility.  Secondly, it gives me a window into the mother’s judgment in respect to selecting men.  Most often I encounter women that have multiple children and have never been married.  The common scenario is a long-term relationship they have had in the past and either the child or children happened by accident or in a effort to propel the relationship forward.  As a younger man, I allowed myself to become drawn to feeling sorry for this type of woman, only to realize that in many cases they have grown comfortable being the single parent and only wanted occasional sex and support from one or more men.  One line that I got sick of hearing was “I am an independent woman!”, even though the majority were on some form of government assistance and working.  My position is not to criticize the women for that choices they have made, but to examine the perpetual mistakes that are still being made after failing to learn from the first experience.  One particular reason why I avoid many African-American single mothers is that over 70% of the children born are introduced to single parent households with no or limited male interaction.  Also, these children have not been in reared in a healthy environment because the parent may not have experienced a healthy relationship and what parents did or relatives have done does not count in a positive measure toward their experience.

A common coping practice is for the single mother to use her sexuality or position as a victim to some degree to her advantage.  Now, if a man was in the same situation, he would be considered irresponsible and or weak.  After conducting a focus group of 100 men and women online last May, I discovered that the one reason men did not care to deal with single mothers had more to do with the probability of the father returning and sleeping with the mother.  Another secondary issue was the age of the child in the sense that most of the men interviewed and surveyed preferred dealing with women having children no older than 3 years of age.  The data yielded that the rationale was they still had an opportunity to influence the out-come in the growth and development of the child in a positive way.  It was asserted that older children and especially teen-agers were to difficult to  manage, because patterns of behavior had been established that would carry them into adulthood.  An interesting finding was that the women in the focus group that had children within their teens sought a partner that could either speak to or influence their children toward better behavior practices.

Another reality is that most men care not to date a woman with a male teen-ager at home, because he is considered the man of the house and therefore when another man is introduced an identity crisis may prevail.  This means that if there is a disagreement between the mother and the boyfriend,  the teen-age son may respond under self-imposed pressure to intervene.   The fact that these women have children is the very reason why many of them may have multiple sex partners and not a real man in their lives.  Some may choose to have another children with one of them in the hopes of finding the one, but commonly collecting another child without marriage.  In the African-American community it is common according to the quantitative data to find an African-American female more willing to have a child than to get married.  This result may be from social conditioning or from various other reasons which have yet to be identified.

The risk of dating the single mother in general have the assigned risk of her getting pregnant again in an effort to keep a man, encountering the father or fathers, building a communal relationship with extended family, and the cost and liability associated with taking on the responsibility.  Value is the main reason why single men without children like myself avoid single mothers in the sense that there is no honor in taking on someone else’s responsibility, despite the cheers from those that are in worse financial shape.  Also, besides having other bodies in the dwelling and access to sex on a regular basis with the mother, all of the rest is expense and liability.  This is the major reason it is harder for single mothers to find a guy willing to marry them.  The problem is not they had the child because that is a result, but the decision to create the child, a comprehensive choice made much earlier that reflects the judgment of the individual.

This is not to say that single mothers are bad, but in some cases the decisions made in the past have contemporary consequences. It should be noted that single mothers that have been married or had children by the same father does make a major difference for men when it comes to dating or marrying them.  It is far more likely that a woman that had children by one man is much more likely to find a guy quicker than those with multiple fathers.  And one major turn-off for single guys is the term “Baby Momma”.  Such language counds immature and wreaks of the mind-set of an under-development adult.


Do You Like Receiving Oral?

When it comes to women’s feelings about receiving oral sex, it’s a complicated discussion. Unlike men who, by and large, seem to love receiving oral sex under most, if not all circumstances, for women, it’s just not that simple. For us, there are many other factors that come into play — and the two big ones are skill and trust. If we’re not feeling secure, then for most of us, no matter how well our partner knows their way around a vagina, we’re just not going to be able to get that into it.

Then, of course, there are those situations where the person on the other end is clearly confused as to what is where and how to even handle our anatomy. That can make for an even more awkward situation, especially for women who are already feeling insecure about being in such a vulnerable position. It’s not easy to be spread eagle in front of someone else, and even those incommitted long-term relationships would sometimes rather do anything butthat.

We already know that some women hate cunnilingus and others love it, but we wanted to know why. Here’s what 11 Bustle readers had to say about receiving.


Mother & Daughter Competition

One of the most disturbing experiences that a younger woman can have is for her mother to disrespect her and sleep with her man.  Yes, there are some mature women out there that find it amusing to engage in this practice, leaving the daughter heart-broken and suspicious.  The most often cause of this gross violation of trust and respect has to do with an act of selfishness and disregard to the daughter.    In some instances this is a delayed reaction of resentment of the daughter being born.  Others may see this as competition.  However, one common factor is low self-esteem on the part of the mother.

We all know that relationships should and must have boundaries, but there are some people in general that are reared without them or ignore them.  You may see this behavior among people that have reared themselves without the guidance of parents or other respectable figures.  This competition may begin innocently and escalate based on the amount attention the mother may receive from her daughter’s man.  Now this transgression may occur with aunts and or other relatives that may have a sense of entitlement.

One of the early signs of this behavior may begin with inappropriate attire or the potential of the boyfriend seeing the mother opt relative nude at some point.  This introduction may begin early in the daughter’s relationship with the young man or later after she has had a chance to feel him out.  There have been some rare accounts according to some of the email we have received of mothers actually having a pre-qualifier of sleeping with the guy discreetly prior to allowing him to date the daughter.  Yes, this is dysfunction at its finest, but the illogical logic is that if he is good enough for me then he is good enough for my daughter.  It should be of no surprise that many of these relationships occur discreetly without the daughter’s knowledge.

On one awkward account, a then 19 year-old guy was at a singles mixer and wound up talking to a woman about 48 years of age.  The two eventually had sexual relations for several months with her avoiding the ridicule of explaining to family members of being with such a young guy.  Eventually, the affair was over and they parted ways and he attended college in another part of the city.  In his senior year, he fell in love with an attractive blonde in her early twenties.  They relished in bliss until Spring Break. She finally felt the relationship was strong enough for him to meet the parents.  He became uncomfortable upon arriving to the same house where he had bedded her mother about three years prior.  The young-man failed to disclose to his new love about his previous relationship with the lady in the home.  When he met her mother, there was an awkward pause at the front-door as the mother and father greeted their daughter while holding hands.  Sadly, the mother and young gentleman kept their secret and continued to see each other for years even after he and the daughter ended their relationship.

This is one very rare example of how these situations may occur.  The premise of the relationship was based on an unhappy wife venturing out for a younger man and ironically winding up with her daughter’s boyfriend.  However, most incidents of this situation occur deliberately.  What we have to consider is that some of these mothers have been in or remain in unfulfilling relationships and therefore they may feel trapped, unloved, or under-appreciated.  Having the younger man may make her feel appreciated and being that he is probably gang to be with her daughter allows her the ease of access as a benefit.  In other words, the daughter is used as bait to keep him there and the mother may leverage her influence on the relationship to extort him for sex.

Needless to say, this is a disorder and there have been news accounts of mothers being caught with their daughter’s men or ex’s in compromising situations.  However, the nom is that most mothers establish a level of respect and their relationships will never go so low.  But we must remember that normalcy is the rule and this behavior is the exception and not vice-versa.  A younger woman should be aware of how her mother interacts with her boyfriend in regards in inappropriate behavior or living too vicariously through her daughter’s relationship it him.  Again as mentioned earlier, attire is important, because saying that he is a member of the family as mother prances around in underwear or short skirts to attract the attention is something to consider.

Most often sex and attention are the key factors in most of these women acting out this way, so therefore it may fall on the shoulders of both the boyfriend and daughter to immediately set the boundaries if the mother does not have the discipline to do so.


Qualifiers for Cheaters on the Dating Scene

There are two fundamental terms that singles must become familiar with prior to hitting the dating scene “I’m a little married” and “I’m married but looking”.  These two terms are qualifiers for those who are ready to cheat on their partner or spouse.  It is about 50/50 when it comes to the gender of the person that will use this pseudo-cute cliché’.  The single person needs to keep in mind that by using this qualifier he or she does not feel fully obligated to his or her spouse.  This means that there is a good possibility that the marriage serves a less important purpose for him or her.  On the other-hand, this also implies that if you are approached by someone using this qualifier, you are not a priority to them either when compared with their own self-interest.

As mentioned in my blogs and articles before, cheating is a selfish act and therefore the individual is more concerned about his or her welfare first and the others fall in line after the fact.  These individuals are usually trying to avoid domestic troubles at home from a lack in communications in the marriage or relationship and ready to leave with one foot outside the marriage and the other inside it as a mere place-holder.  Rarely do these individuals take meeting a single person on the dating scene seriously.  In fact, it is not uncommon for them to disclose their marital status up-front.  The rationale behind this is to establish that they are seeking satisfaction for the moment and reveal that they are married as a stop-gap measure to avoid any further pursuit of a relationship.  They may take it from flirtation to sexual encounters.  This has more to do with power than anything else.  Most often these individuals want to see if they still have what it takes to get an outsider to want them.  The benefit for him or her is to stroke the ego and to flaunt it in the face of a spouse or partner as leverage in the relationship.

There are some people that do this solely for the purpose of lifting low self-esteem through this form of attention. However, the primary uses of the two terms is to create an incentive for the individual to compete against the spouse or partner at that time for their attention and to feel important.

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My State of Independence

I used to be one of those African-American women in the 1990’s that drank the Cool-Aid of only needing a man as a sperm-donor.  I beleived the hype about being the independent single-mom that could do it all by herself.  During that time I was in my early 30’s and had almost eery self-help and motivational book you could think of at the time.  The Oprah Winfrey Show was like religion to me.  When I look back at my life and the poor choices I have made, there is a shame of shame covered by a dying sense of ego.

I tried to work things out with my boyfriend and childrens’ father, but he was a convicted felon and after carrying both him and my family financially, things did not work-out.  It took a while for me to realize that the reason many of the hite women that chose to pursue the life-style of the independent woman, had a support system in place.  They had friends, family, and even responsible men that stepped up to the plate and eventually supported them.  I had nothing more than a professionally unmarketable black man with braids, frustration, and anger that looked good and had a terrific penis.

So, like some black women going into the new century, I decided to scrap my plans of following the social tradition of the black woman sticking by the black man just for historical and symbolic sake  I chose to  specifically find a white guy to give me the life-style me and my children deserved while shaming my ex into taking his place as an insignificant by-stander.  I moved from Compton, California to South Florida after eeting a wealthy white investment fund manager.  It was total bliss for the first three years with international travels, driving exotic cars I could only dream of and living in a 25,000 square-foot mansion.  He embraced my family and extended family, assisting them financially.  I ws a member of many of the social and civic organizations while gaining a good reputation among most of the white elites.

One day I took a friend of mine from Los Angeles to the country-club where I was a member and that is when I had my first reality check.  We were not seated and the manager encouraged me to contact my husband.  Before oing so I asked a few more questions to find out why we were not admitted.  That is when I found out the truth, he did not trust me enough to make me a full member to this exclusive club, but as an associate member based on his approval each time I visited there.  I drove home furious and confronted him.  The conversation was completely unexpected and harsh.  In no uncertain terms, he did not approve of me bringing “those people from the hood” into the fold.  He made it clear that he had done me a favor and literally threw everything he had done for me and my children in my face.

Embarrassed by my girlfriend hearing the some of the conversation, I took her back to the hotel and gave her some money to help her out.  She did not look at me once while driving her there and got out of the car without saying a  word to me.  I could not beleive that after all of the years of struggling an being so clode that our friendship was permanently severed.  On my way home, I began to replay in my head some of the warning signs such as seeing other interrr\acial couples with the wealthier partners and spouses speaking to me while the minority partner turning away or deliberately avoiding me.

A few weeks after that, I was served divorced papers by one of his friends and never saw my husband again until court.  He threw a few hundred thousand dollars to me like I was a hungry dog and on the day I had the movers get my things, he stood at the door-way with his new Filipina sweetheart.  I took y kids and relocated to Las Vegas and since then, I have managed to see them graduate from high school.  Now, I am in my 50’s alone and unfulsilled like that optimistic lady in her 30’s back in the 1990’s.  I find comfort now in numbing myself to love and romance while allowing men that are interested in me to enjoy sex with no string-attached.  My girlfriend now lives here in town, hppily married to a black man that makes a meager living, but loves her.  Mabe, some where along the line, I should have considered the long-term issues and not used my kids as motivation to make the choices I did or my own selfish decisions to expose them to this world.

I can now own my mistakes and have no guilt or remorse when a man I meet on the Internet comes to Vegas to take care of my womanly needs.  Somewhere in my head, I still think they deserve to be between my legs than the bastard I had my children with all those years ago.

Julia S. — Las Vegas, NV


Ethical Exhibitionism: Where to Find Consenting Audiences

I am an exhibitionist. I love being watched. Slowly undressing, teasing, exposing myself, growing hard in my panties with watchful, lusting eyes on me. My hands shaking with excitement as I caress myself, exploring what feels good, working my way down to my throbbing girl cock, all the while thinking about the audience enjoying themselves […]

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Love Slave Part 2

Just as promised, here is the first of two sections of Love Slave this week. This one is quite a long one (although not as long as my last Sunday Story), and it leads in nicely to the shenanigans of Part 4. But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that… As always, any feedback […]

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A night with Christian — A Wanton Woman

Spending a night with Christian was something I’d done many, many times. As I’ve probably said before he was the gayest, lunatic I’ve ever known. He has a selfish streak a mile wide, is self centred, narcissistic and vain. But he is also brave and caring and sensitive. Christian is no saint and can come […]

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One Girl’s Deep Desires

I have no issues with my sexuality and even lesser issues being nude 75% of my life. By social stereo-types, I should be conservative, covered-up, and on my knees praising Jesus in some non-discript church in the African-American Community.  No, I cannot fit into that mold. I have been called all kinds of names because of my liberal approach to life. As a 36 year-old black woman with no kids, I do what I want.

It was not always that way, I drank the Cool-Aid and was the church-girl to please my family and friends, but when I turned 16 I took the money from my Sweet 16 Birthday Party and bought my first dildo and enjoyed being me I love going commando 24/7 and completely bald down there  My biggest daily thrill is coming home from work, leaving my clothes in the middle of the floor and being naked until I have to shower and dress for work the next day

It is funny listen to my girlfriends talk about how frustrated they are having to roll-over and spread in missionary for their man to cum and fall asleep.  I tried having a resident dick in the house for a few years and it didn’t take long for it to get boring.  He was endowed, but I found more pleasure doing myself the favor  Iknow, my girlfriends think I’m crazy, but it is amazing how they come to visit to taste pussy when they have issues with their men

I am not and never have been interested in a threesome with another man or two men.  I am a Gemini that loves to get some dick on occasion and when he cums he has to go.  In the case of women, the thrill is much longer and better  The most entertaining thought are the things we can do to eachother that they would never do with their men.  They want me to use my strap-on and eating fruit from those special places.

Yes, call me a freak, but that’s cool too.  Maybe I am and I own it.  What really turns me on is when my girls go down on me and tell me how they refuse to give their men head  And for some strage reason, I love the smell of pussy and perfume in my sheets when we finish  When at work the guys stare at my hips, breasts, and ass, and only I know that only hours beforea married woman sucked these breasts, licked this clit, and ate this pussy.  I have no desire to take them from their men, just to enjoy the ride.  So don’t get it twisted, because there are some of us women that love ourselves

Shamika T. — Ocean City, MD




Desiring Wicked Taboo Sex with a Partner

One of the most diffcult things to accomplish after you have chosen to be with someone long-term is to reveal the hidden sexual desires of your inner-self.  Women are more sensitive to this reality than men due to the very requirements that society places on them to behave.  Men are excused for certain social indiscretions, but womena re actually punished with social labels for the same desires.

You will rarely hear a women say that she would like for her partner to screw her brains out or wishing that her man would ram his man-hood inside her.  Most often, women will allow the partner to go if he is going in the sexual direction she wants.  Statistically, women born in the late 1980’s onward are more open to anal sex as an example, because many of them use d the practice in-lieu of regular sex in theri younger years to avoid pregnancy.  Some took the slow-down in teen-births at the beginning of the 21st Century as a sign that teen-agers of that era were more moral  In fact, they were more responsible in avoiding unwanted preganacies

In our modern era it is not uncommon for a woman to ask for a threesome with another woman or anal sex.  Yes, women have matured on a level pursue these desires along with many others without shame or remorse.  Another reality is that women are also coming to the conclusion that they have no need to be shameful.  If you look on many social media sites and private web-cam sites, women are fisting themselves, and plaving objects inside their bodies based on personal fulfillment.

According to a study on married couples, about 22% of the married American women surveyed revealed that they had unfulfilled sexual desires with their spouses and 37% of the married men polled revealed the same results.  One of the implications found through follow-up surveys was that both these men and women shared their desires with other parties online through social media sites.  However, only 55 of women and 13% of married men in the survey actually went outside the marriage at least once to fulfill and sexual fantasy.

One of the main issues causing this disconnect is a sense of embarrassment between partners in that it could convey inadequacies  between partners.

Married & on Dating Sites

We hear a lot of complaints about dating sites, but the fundamental problem has little to do with the enterprises, but more to do with the individuals populating them.  For instance, it is estimated that about 15 – 25% of the people on dating sites are actually married or separated.  Despite the best efforts of these sites to filter out married types, they manage to perpetrate.  The most non-traditional trend is the rise in married women subscribing to these sites.  In fact, most of these married women may shy away from sites such as Ashley-Madison because of the social stigma associated with it.  In stead, may find comfort in dealing with singles in a neutral environment.

The rationale for many of the women in particular to do this derives from other issues that could be based on issues in the marriage or a sense of unfulfillment.   However, one of the main draws is the attention given by someone single to not only stroke theri ego or life-self esteem, but to also pursue fantasies.  A married woman using one of these sites may consider herself single and therefore only a single partner will do.  Men may also exercise the same practice to bed women, but the motivation is a bit different in the sense that married men are more interested in the sexual aspect of meeting another woman.  Women may seek out a bit more, even if they are seeking sex, may linger based on the attention factor.

One interesting finding is that the majority of these women average in age between 25 – 45 years of age.  There is no rhyme or reason for this behavior, among this large demographic, but on thing that is in common among some studies, married women signing-up for single sites have been married from 3 – 10 years on average.  According to relationship experts, cheating is usually due to perceived bordom in relationships.   Most often, the motivation for both of these men and women is sex.  The difference between them and singles is that the singles seek a relationship while others seek a booty-call.

The harsh truth is that these people are greedy and marginally committed to anyone but themselves.  Yes, they are selfish and care very little about exposing others to the risk of running in their spouse.  Women are usually more convincing when it comes to reassuring  a man that there is no concern being with her.  Guys should really pay attention to detail, because believing what she tells you may lead to confrontation.  One thing to remember is that a cheater only represents the relationship from his or her perspective.



Keeping Secrets from Your Partner

The Romantic Truth website conducted a poll on the Google Plus Community  where the question was ‘[Are there any secrets that ou have not shared wih your partner?”  The interesting finding is that the majority of women and men do not have secrets held from their partners and 20% still do in some way or form.

The implications suggests that couples are more likely to be truthful with their partners in respect to sharing secrets. Also, this may imply that the relationhips may have a more communicative and solid foundation.  The 29% may be plagued with secrets that could range from marital affairs or worse.

First Date Polling Survey

Our sister blog RomanticTruth.com conducted a recent survey of single men and women  in respect to the question, “How far would you go on a first date?”  The overwhelming response from women implicated that kissing would be the extent of intimacy on a first date.  Men on the otherhand, favored touching.  This clearly defines the differences when it comes to the genders in respect to romantic appeal.

Women are using the more emotional and intimate form of expression by kissing.  Men use the physical aspect of touching in the sense to convey intimacy.  In bot  cases, it could be implied that a woman has the most limited interaction and can more than likely control the behavior to some extent on the first date..  If women choose to touch a man while or after kissing, there is a good sign that she may want a more inimate encounter than just kissing.  It could also imply that the women that like kissing and touching on the first date may just feel comfortable with their partner.  It should be noted o guys that touching does not equate to sex or intimacy beyond the practice.