Logic of a Cheating Woman

Logic of a Cheating Woman
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by Jausan | © 2014 All Rights Reserved
Santa Clarita, California

As there are differences between men and women so are various practices including those of infidelity in relationships.  Society gives men passes for such indiscretions, but women are held more accountable due to social norms.  However the motivations may be similar when it comes to infidelity in the sense that it is a selfish act even though some symptoms are empathetic among humans.  A man cheats more out of immediate inconvenience where as a woman does it usually after reviewing the long-term wake of such a decision.

The one thing that men should consider is that when and if a woman cheats, it is commonly something that has been pondered for a while before committing the act.  The premise for a woman to cheat has more to do with emotional neglect more so than a physical need for immediate sexual gratification as in the case with men.  Now, there are those that are impulsive and will act upon compulsions, but not on a grand scale.

Cheating is regularly used as an attention grabber for women in order to retain a certain value as a lady that may have faded in the relationship.  Another view is that women still love to remain sought-after even in a relationship (preferably by her partner).  The sense of feeling unattractive may peak the curiosity for both men and women to see if they still have what it takes to get the person.

In the case of men, they will ride an extra-marital affair until the wheels fall off and accept the challenges if they are or are not caught.  Women on the other-hand usually plan a course of action in the event things go wrong.  This means there is a more comprehensive methodology for their actions to establish a relationship with someone they can trust and someone who is accessible and in a sense exclusive.  Women may go to great lengths such as as having affairs out of town or even meeting others discreetly in strange places to ensure that they are being secretive.   Confidentiality is the word.  Also, it should be noted that if a woman cares to hurt her partner she may deliberately use sloppy tactics to get caught in order to enhance the impact of the trauma.  However, most women rarely go to such an extreme and instead use the affair to regain the emotional strength to assist in fulfilling the void within her.

Infidelity is a totally selfish act by its own merit and therefore people engaging in this practice put themselves first despite the moral implications.  Issues such as disease, pregnancy and other considerations weigh heavy and therefore a particular form of care takes place in selecting a partner outside of the abs and muscles.  One thing that tethers men and women to their primary relationships is the capacity for guilt.  A woman may digest this harsh pill in the framework of her intentions to clearly understand that if caught the relationship is over.  However, when a woman has made the choice to cheat, the act may be more deliberate due to the longer process that leads up to the act.

Another distinction is that a man who cheats expects to be forgiven even though women may be understanding, but not willing to continue.  In some cases it is a relief for the woman when the man cheats to end a bad relationship without fault.  A woman may be less motivated to ask for forgiveness and instead may ask for a divorce.  The male may react to retain the relationship more out of pride in ownership than love.  However this is not the generic case, but a consideration.  Through it all, women have needs as do men and when those needs are neglected there are temptations to stray.


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