Dating the Lazy Partner

Is Dating the Lazy Partner
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Most often we would like to think that we never made bad decisions in our romantic lives. The term lazy partner derives from a silent theory that has existed for centuries.  In American culture, we refer to someone as being lazy because as a euphemism to shame or embarrass an individual.  In a conventional relationship, the term lazy is used as a weapon.  The implications are that that person is not doing his share of work in the relationship. In most cases the reality is that a person is classified as a lazy when they will not agree to do what another person requires of them in a relationship.  The term by his own merit conveys worthlessness and therefore it reflects the direct sentiments of the person using the term toward their partner.

However the term lazy partner in another context has a whole different meaning.  This partner takes far more than a given relationships. Some of the most common things that are taken by these individuals are gifts, emotional capital, trips, travel, tangibles of all sorts, and literally anything else the person has that can be exploited, used, leveraged, or sold.  On the onset many of these individuals have no intentions of developing a viable relationship, but have an agenda to fulfill their narcissistic needs.  In essence, these individuals use relationships as opportunities to advance their own agenda and nothing more nothing less.  Also it should be noted that these individuals already have their own resources, so unlike the stereotypical lazy partner that’s mythically portrayed in some romance novels. The unique characteristic of these individuals is their ability to assume they are entitled to supreme treatment over their partner. There’s a special class that they feel as though they belong to and within the class the partners always considered inferior from their perspective.

The perception of the lazy partner has always been that individual that laid around all day and refused to look for a job or get a job.  However the lazy partner is not that individual, instead he or she is that individual that mooches emotionally and considers the thing that they do in a relationship as an added bonus or luxury item.


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