Does Penis Size Matter to Women

There has been a long-standing argument about how long a man’s penis has to be to satisfy a woman. As we understand each woman is different and there is not a iron-clad answer to this question; however according to an article published by Rachel Rettner of The Huffington Post, there are two schools of thought among women regarding this issue. The article titled Penis Size Study Shows Women Want One Thing For Flings, Another For Long Relationships underscores that women prefer a more girthy penis for sexual flings or one-night-stands that actually measured less than 6.5 inches long. The interesting thing is that the 41 women in the informal study chose penises that were 4 inch long with 2.5 inches in circumference to 8.5 inches long to 7 inches in circumference. Even though the women handled 33 different model penis sizes,

Shannon Leung of UCLA conducted the study and presented the findings of the study and concluded that the women preferred a penis with wider girth to stretch the vagina which forces the clitoris closer to the penal shaft for better stimulation during penetration which leads to orgasm. Also, it was discovered that longer penises caused women more discomfort due to pressures applied to the cervix. So one could interpret this to mean that a penis between 4 – 6.5 inches long with a girth of about 5.5 inches in girth would satisfy the average woman. However, statistics does not the truth make.

According to another earlier 2012 study on women and penis size, 60% of a about 300 women polled agreed that penis size did not matter to them for sexual satisfaction. However, the other 40% parted ways in the sense that they preferred longer penises for vaginal orgasms. So now we can see a distinct pattern for women and penis size based on the information provided in the sense that there are those that prefer clitoral orgasms and those that prefer vaginal orgasms.

In other words stimulators and penetrators. Proportionality also plays a big in role in that women in the study preferred larger or taller men for longer penis sizes. One interesting finding from Leung’s study was that the 41 women examined and held 3D Model penises and were allowed to choose their favorite and study it for 10 minutes before tossing it back into a bin containing all of them. When the women were asked to retrieve the one the selected, the majority could not and actually retrieved a much smaller penis than first chosen. This study remains unpublished and was conducted at the UCLA’s Sexual Psychophysiology and Affective Neuroscience (SPAN) Laboratory. In short, what the implications are is that depending on a women’s best way of to achieve orgasms determines the size of a penis which may also dictate the physical characteristics of men when choosing a mate.

For instance shoe-size, hands, heights, muscular build, etc. Of course there is no direct correlation to penis size or guaranteed orgasm for women, but longer penises are still desired if not warranted by many women seeking a vaginal orgasm.  There is some merit to the popularity of African-American men being sought by Caucasian women, especially married ones specifically for this purpose.


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