Death, Food & Love

A Maryland man is facing attempted murder charges after an argument over a grilled cheese sandwich sparked an hours-long stand-off with police Sunday. Daniel Brian Blackwell is seen in this image provided by the Baltimore County Police Department. Police say Daniel Brian Blackwell, 55, fired multiple rounds through his basement floor after he became angry…

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When it comes to a healthy marriage, lots of people have plenty of advice to dish out. Most people might ask the question: Well, since you guys are having a difficult time right now, let me ask, how’s the sex life? But, as it turns out, sex and communication aren’t the only ways to steer a rocky…

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Straight From The Lyon’s Den: Empire To Launch A Fragrance Collection — HelloBeautiful

If you don’t have an Empire (yet)…at least you can smell like one. Empire is really branding themselves as more than just a show. In addition to releasing music, they are also releasing a fragrance for both men and women. Legacy, the men’s fragrance is is for the sophisticated man, opening with hints of bergamot and…

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GET THE LOOK: Slay Your Wedding Day With This Quick And Easy DIY Hairstyle — HelloBeautiful

Finding the right hairstyle for your wedding day can be stressful. This timeless look will help you slay your big day. This style works well for all women and all hair types. It would look equally beautiful on straight hair as well as natural curls. RELATED: GET THE LOOK: Flawless Wedding Hair For The Bride…

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My State of Independence

I used to be one of those African-American women in the 1990’s that drank the Cool-Aid of only needing a man as a sperm-donor.  I beleived the hype about being the independent single-mom that could do it all by herself.  During that time I was in my early 30’s and had almost eery self-help and motivational book you could think of at the time.  The Oprah Winfrey Show was like religion to me.  When I look back at my life and the poor choices I have made, there is a shame of shame covered by a dying sense of ego.

I tried to work things out with my boyfriend and childrens’ father, but he was a convicted felon and after carrying both him and my family financially, things did not work-out.  It took a while for me to realize that the reason many of the hite women that chose to pursue the life-style of the independent woman, had a support system in place.  They had friends, family, and even responsible men that stepped up to the plate and eventually supported them.  I had nothing more than a professionally unmarketable black man with braids, frustration, and anger that looked good and had a terrific penis.

So, like some black women going into the new century, I decided to scrap my plans of following the social tradition of the black woman sticking by the black man just for historical and symbolic sake  I chose to  specifically find a white guy to give me the life-style me and my children deserved while shaming my ex into taking his place as an insignificant by-stander.  I moved from Compton, California to South Florida after eeting a wealthy white investment fund manager.  It was total bliss for the first three years with international travels, driving exotic cars I could only dream of and living in a 25,000 square-foot mansion.  He embraced my family and extended family, assisting them financially.  I ws a member of many of the social and civic organizations while gaining a good reputation among most of the white elites.

One day I took a friend of mine from Los Angeles to the country-club where I was a member and that is when I had my first reality check.  We were not seated and the manager encouraged me to contact my husband.  Before oing so I asked a few more questions to find out why we were not admitted.  That is when I found out the truth, he did not trust me enough to make me a full member to this exclusive club, but as an associate member based on his approval each time I visited there.  I drove home furious and confronted him.  The conversation was completely unexpected and harsh.  In no uncertain terms, he did not approve of me bringing “those people from the hood” into the fold.  He made it clear that he had done me a favor and literally threw everything he had done for me and my children in my face.

Embarrassed by my girlfriend hearing the some of the conversation, I took her back to the hotel and gave her some money to help her out.  She did not look at me once while driving her there and got out of the car without saying a  word to me.  I could not beleive that after all of the years of struggling an being so clode that our friendship was permanently severed.  On my way home, I began to replay in my head some of the warning signs such as seeing other interrr\acial couples with the wealthier partners and spouses speaking to me while the minority partner turning away or deliberately avoiding me.

A few weeks after that, I was served divorced papers by one of his friends and never saw my husband again until court.  He threw a few hundred thousand dollars to me like I was a hungry dog and on the day I had the movers get my things, he stood at the door-way with his new Filipina sweetheart.  I took y kids and relocated to Las Vegas and since then, I have managed to see them graduate from high school.  Now, I am in my 50’s alone and unfulsilled like that optimistic lady in her 30’s back in the 1990’s.  I find comfort now in numbing myself to love and romance while allowing men that are interested in me to enjoy sex with no string-attached.  My girlfriend now lives here in town, hppily married to a black man that makes a meager living, but loves her.  Mabe, some where along the line, I should have considered the long-term issues and not used my kids as motivation to make the choices I did or my own selfish decisions to expose them to this world.

I can now own my mistakes and have no guilt or remorse when a man I meet on the Internet comes to Vegas to take care of my womanly needs.  Somewhere in my head, I still think they deserve to be between my legs than the bastard I had my children with all those years ago.

Julia S. — Las Vegas, NV


Ethical Exhibitionism: Where to Find Consenting Audiences

I am an exhibitionist. I love being watched. Slowly undressing, teasing, exposing myself, growing hard in my panties with watchful, lusting eyes on me. My hands shaking with excitement as I caress myself, exploring what feels good, working my way down to my throbbing girl cock, all the while thinking about the audience enjoying themselves […]

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Love Slave Part 2

Just as promised, here is the first of two sections of Love Slave this week. This one is quite a long one (although not as long as my last Sunday Story), and it leads in nicely to the shenanigans of Part 4. But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that… As always, any feedback […]

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A night with Christian — A Wanton Woman

Spending a night with Christian was something I’d done many, many times. As I’ve probably said before he was the gayest, lunatic I’ve ever known. He has a selfish streak a mile wide, is self centred, narcissistic and vain. But he is also brave and caring and sensitive. Christian is no saint and can come […]

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One Girl’s Deep Desires

I have no issues with my sexuality and even lesser issues being nude 75% of my life. By social stereo-types, I should be conservative, covered-up, and on my knees praising Jesus in some non-discript church in the African-American Community.  No, I cannot fit into that mold. I have been called all kinds of names because of my liberal approach to life. As a 36 year-old black woman with no kids, I do what I want.

It was not always that way, I drank the Cool-Aid and was the church-girl to please my family and friends, but when I turned 16 I took the money from my Sweet 16 Birthday Party and bought my first dildo and enjoyed being me I love going commando 24/7 and completely bald down there  My biggest daily thrill is coming home from work, leaving my clothes in the middle of the floor and being naked until I have to shower and dress for work the next day

It is funny listen to my girlfriends talk about how frustrated they are having to roll-over and spread in missionary for their man to cum and fall asleep.  I tried having a resident dick in the house for a few years and it didn’t take long for it to get boring.  He was endowed, but I found more pleasure doing myself the favor  Iknow, my girlfriends think I’m crazy, but it is amazing how they come to visit to taste pussy when they have issues with their men

I am not and never have been interested in a threesome with another man or two men.  I am a Gemini that loves to get some dick on occasion and when he cums he has to go.  In the case of women, the thrill is much longer and better  The most entertaining thought are the things we can do to eachother that they would never do with their men.  They want me to use my strap-on and eating fruit from those special places.

Yes, call me a freak, but that’s cool too.  Maybe I am and I own it.  What really turns me on is when my girls go down on me and tell me how they refuse to give their men head  And for some strage reason, I love the smell of pussy and perfume in my sheets when we finish  When at work the guys stare at my hips, breasts, and ass, and only I know that only hours beforea married woman sucked these breasts, licked this clit, and ate this pussy.  I have no desire to take them from their men, just to enjoy the ride.  So don’t get it twisted, because there are some of us women that love ourselves

Shamika T. — Ocean City, MD




Desiring Wicked Taboo Sex with a Partner

One of the most diffcult things to accomplish after you have chosen to be with someone long-term is to reveal the hidden sexual desires of your inner-self.  Women are more sensitive to this reality than men due to the very requirements that society places on them to behave.  Men are excused for certain social indiscretions, but womena re actually punished with social labels for the same desires.

You will rarely hear a women say that she would like for her partner to screw her brains out or wishing that her man would ram his man-hood inside her.  Most often, women will allow the partner to go if he is going in the sexual direction she wants.  Statistically, women born in the late 1980’s onward are more open to anal sex as an example, because many of them use d the practice in-lieu of regular sex in theri younger years to avoid pregnancy.  Some took the slow-down in teen-births at the beginning of the 21st Century as a sign that teen-agers of that era were more moral  In fact, they were more responsible in avoiding unwanted preganacies

In our modern era it is not uncommon for a woman to ask for a threesome with another woman or anal sex.  Yes, women have matured on a level pursue these desires along with many others without shame or remorse.  Another reality is that women are also coming to the conclusion that they have no need to be shameful.  If you look on many social media sites and private web-cam sites, women are fisting themselves, and plaving objects inside their bodies based on personal fulfillment.

According to a study on married couples, about 22% of the married American women surveyed revealed that they had unfulfilled sexual desires with their spouses and 37% of the married men polled revealed the same results.  One of the implications found through follow-up surveys was that both these men and women shared their desires with other parties online through social media sites.  However, only 55 of women and 13% of married men in the survey actually went outside the marriage at least once to fulfill and sexual fantasy.

One of the main issues causing this disconnect is a sense of embarrassment between partners in that it could convey inadequacies  between partners.