50 Shades of Appreciation for Loose Women

Women strive hard to retain a positive reputation and that is commendable but there are those women who prefer to be themselves and pursue their desires despite the expectations of society.  These women are very popular and often times their pursuits come under scrutiny by the broader population because morality is used as a judgment stick along with a bit of envy in the sense they have ventured into areas where social and moral constraints forbid them. Usually, a sense of jealousy and envy takes place among women in this regard and they are the first to label a woman a whore.  Guys do this on a non-commercial bases due to three main factors, 1) a low regard for women in general, 2) emotional hurt from a relationship, and 3) attempting to fit in with the modern urban culture.  In any case referring to a women whether she is or is not is wrong because despite the motivations on her part, she has needs and desires like anyone else and the superficial constraints imposed by religion and society are moot in that the very acts committed by these women also occur in the bedrooms of the moralists.

The distinction is that the “Loose Woman” is envied by broad swatches of women and are commoditized for their physical features and hedonism by men.  Now, this is a double-edge sword from a man’s perspective in the sense that these women will never become devalued to the level other women may view them, instead there are “50 Shades of Appreciation” for these women.  The question remains for some, “Why would a man date or marry a “Loose Woman”?  The answer is very simple and rather concerning, “They can be trusted for a pattern of behavior”.  The logic is that with a more conventional woman that frowns upon women who have had many encounters with men, may in fact use morality as a facade to over-compensate for past indiscretions.  In other words, the Loose Woman is an open book and therefore the expectation of fewer surprises on down the road in a relationship is less likely to occur.  In a sense, this is a form of reverse filtering of relationships, to weed-out the posers and deal only with the true women as they see them.

It is assumed that the “Loose Woman” will do things in the bedroom that most conventional women may find offensive, but if truth is told there is merit to this argument.  However, the only distinction is that the conventional woman does not readily reveal her desires.  The obvious disadvantage for the Loose Woman is the social ridicule and questionable reputation among some men and women, but the advantage is that she is sought by a larger percentage of men.  In fact, the guys in some cases prefer the under-dog and therefore treats her better than the conventional woman which may be classified as boring.  Another fetish that some men may have is an attraction to someone that has been “used” sexually.  However, it should be noted that some men cheat with married women for this very reason in knowing that someone else has been or remains with her.  Many times, (but not always) they may like stretch-marks, and cellulite which symbolizes a sense of aged sexual attraction that may correlate with a current spouse or lover with the same physical characteristics.

Even though some men may laugh at the guy that winds up with one of these women either because they have slept with her, know someone who has, or even based their opinion solely on rumor, some men still endure.  One thing to remember is that the Loose Woman is more than a sexual being, she has personality, and other attributes besides the domicile between her thighs.  This is the rationale for guys to date and marry strippers, exotic dancers, escorts, and prostitutes, because they separate the people from the profession.  In the case of whoredom, the logic is similar in that sex is separated from love and therefore judging them is moot.

No matter how we choose to pass judgment on the perceived Loose Women, we really do not know in most cases about their experiences and intentions, but project our own assumptions onto what we prefer to like or believe about them.  Other men may feel as if there is no threat to them and therefore continue to dating and marry these women with a clear understanding that they probably will not change their habits.


Flirting Wives

One of the most annoying experiences for most single men are “Flirting Wives”.  These are married women that will never leave their spouses, but get a thrill out of teasing men out of their attention-spans and wallets.  Their intentions are by default, to get attention.  In many instances these women are neglected or over-looked in their current marital situations and expect to get what they cannot get from their men for strangers or more specific single men.

The benefit for these women is they have no obligation or responsibility for whatever happens such as a one-night-stand or just innocent flirting with no intentions of seeking a serious relationship.  Most often, these women are unhappy with themselves and therefore project this on other men as a power-grab.  They may not be in charge of things at home, but feel as though they are in charge outside their domain.  Another type of woman that may use this practice are those that have no respect for their current partner.  The one thing that a single man must ask is “Could I become the next guy going through the same situation?”

Single men are encouraged to avoid these women like the plague on the dating scene, because they usually do this on a regular basis and may have a serious following.  Do not be surprised if these women have 5,000 friends on a Facebook Page with the majority of course being male.  These women may dress provocatively, proudly wear their wedding ring as immunity from being considered for a serious relationship.  One other factor about many of these personality types is that they are so consumed with hoarding attention, they may not know when to sit down.  Single men may encounter these women well into their sixties attempting to remain relevant even though they have passed their prime.  A common selling-point for some of these women is easy-access to sex, especially if the guy is younger.

The main reason to avoid these women has much to do with the baggage they carry such as disrespecting their own marriage, possible kids, and family concerns.  They are usually obligated in some way to conform to a schedule that limits accessibility to them and therefore they may choose to try to dictate the narrative of the relationship and when the best times for meet-ups.  Do not be surprised if these women have slept around or used guys in the past which may mean a potential for some form of confrontation beyond just the scope of the husband.

Never believe a word from the mouths of these women because they rarely tell the whole truth, but cherry-pick the benefits of being with them.  Guilt is another tool they use in order to manage or manipulate single men. In fact, the single man has the power in that he is free and she is not so never allow her to relegate your freedom based on her marital situation in regards to time and resources.

They may speak ill of their spouses in a way to portray themselves as a victim that need to be rescued in some manner emotionally.  You may hear tough talk about divorcing the spouse, but it is rare and highly unlikely, because they are actually comfortable in their current situation despite the angry talk.  Fantasy-fulfillment is another reality of women with this disposition in regards to being with someone based solely on race, endowment, wealth, or appearance.  Yes, it is understandable that marriage does not mean one is dead in the physical sense, but someone compelled by a fantasy usually will find themselves on a perpetual quest for more.

Men that deal with these women may discover all of the bad things in their situation and rarely find out about the positive things that the husbands provide them.  Now, there are also other that may have weaker husbands or in some cases “Cuck-holds” that take charge in the marriage and dictate the terms of the relationship such as conditions in which they can have sex with their spouse.  I have had experiences in the past where married women of this caliber have invited home with them for bedding provided that their husbands could watch.  Needless to say, that was not my thing and passed on the opportunity.

The bottom-line is these women are mainly time-wasters and are notorious for placing personal ads on single dating sites in the hopes of getting a single man they really do not deserve under their current marital status.  A common phrase used is “Separated”, however a legally binding document keeps them with the spouse.  Remember, there is a reason this person is in this situation and comes to you as if you should respect it and go along.  This mess of a life is considered normal to them and therefore they seek someone that can accept this situation as it is presented.  As a single man, you deserve much better instead of getting in the middle of an existing relationship and the drama associated with it.  Telling lies is also a common thread among these personality types, even though some may be honest and upfront to a certain point, but remember a lie has to be told to someone in order for things to work, whether it is you are their spouse.

Now, there are some factors to consider, some of these women may not know any better, others may not care, and yet others may use singles in a way to spice up their relationship.  In any case beware and be safe and avoid the drama.

Qualifiers for Cheaters on the Dating Scene

There are two fundamental terms that singles must become familiar with prior to hitting the dating scene “I’m a little married” and “I’m married but looking”.  These two terms are qualifiers for those who are ready to cheat on their partner or spouse.  It is about 50/50 when it comes to the gender of the person that will use this pseudo-cute cliché’.  The single person needs to keep in mind that by using this qualifier he or she does not feel fully obligated to his or her spouse.  This means that there is a good possibility that the marriage serves a less important purpose for him or her.  On the other-hand, this also implies that if you are approached by someone using this qualifier, you are not a priority to them either when compared with their own self-interest.

As mentioned in my blogs and articles before, cheating is a selfish act and therefore the individual is more concerned about his or her welfare first and the others fall in line after the fact.  These individuals are usually trying to avoid domestic troubles at home from a lack in communications in the marriage or relationship and ready to leave with one foot outside the marriage and the other inside it as a mere place-holder.  Rarely do these individuals take meeting a single person on the dating scene seriously.  In fact, it is not uncommon for them to disclose their marital status up-front.  The rationale behind this is to establish that they are seeking satisfaction for the moment and reveal that they are married as a stop-gap measure to avoid any further pursuit of a relationship.  They may take it from flirtation to sexual encounters.  This has more to do with power than anything else.  Most often these individuals want to see if they still have what it takes to get an outsider to want them.  The benefit for him or her is to stroke the ego and to flaunt it in the face of a spouse or partner as leverage in the relationship.

There are some people that do this solely for the purpose of lifting low self-esteem through this form of attention. However, the primary uses of the two terms is to create an incentive for the individual to compete against the spouse or partner at that time for their attention and to feel important.

Catching Your Partner Cheating Online

When we think of cheating, the thought may often center around finding your partner or spouse in the act. In fact, most cheating and infidelity is conducte online. Yes, messenger services and mobile apps are the newest form of this practice. The primary reason for this is convenience and comfort. The distance and anonimity also helps in this endeavor. The premise for cheating is a lack of appreciation of the other party. It is also evident that the person being cheated on is devalued in some capacity. One common equivalency is the devaluation of men when they lose a job or women when they cannot birth a child for whatever reason. This level of devaluation is used when the other party is viewed as an obstacle to the growth of the other. In most cases these sentiments are more superficial than real in the sense that the grass seems greeener on the other side. The problem is that one of the parties have become too familiar with the situation and therefore seeks a change of sorts and not specifically with the person they are engage with in a relationship.

Boredom is the operative word and mobile devices are constantly used to convey these sentiments. It is not uncommon for a party to disclose all of the problems in the relationship with a total stranger that may not care to deal with the person or the problem outside of the sexual benefits. The more a person tells what is wrong with his or her relationship depicts what they are willing to tolerate. The natural response is to counter the behavior or sentiments of the person’s partner or spouse. The end result is the development of a new relationship with the other person knowing the weakness in his or her new prospect. The stranger or other party is the only beneficiary in this situation because he or she knows the weaknesses of the whole relationship. This is why players are so successful in ruining relationships and walking away scott-free. They have no emotional capital in the venture and only enter into them for their sole benefit and nothing more.

There are a lot of people that just prey off of these abnormalities in relationships, taking advantage of the situation for their own benefit. Most often they can care less about familial issues or the behavior of the partner and only see an opportunity for fresh-meat. You can go to any single site or log into a mobile app and discover a host of married and committed people seeking singles and others to vent frustrations while being entertained. The primary problem with this sort of situation for a person in a committed relationship is that he or she may have higher expectations of the other person than they have intended for them. One thing that is evident is the number of extra-marital affairs that never materialize beyond sexual activity. In short the third-party is fully aware that the same thing that he or she is doing now is more than likely a pattern of behavior regardless of the obligatory denials and assertions that “This is the first time…” Pros on the dating scene see through this smoke-screen because they are more experienced and active than a novice cheating on a partner on the down-low.

The motivation of the guy or girl on the other end of the message or mobile app is to paint a grand picture of a better life. The reality is that more often than nto it is an illusion because the difficulties associated with the new person has not been revealed. So, it becomes like starting over in a brand new realtionship. A true player of this game will mirror the sentiments of the prospect to the point of being the ideal person sought all of thier life. The goal is to be better than the current partner, but not too good as to get into a situation that he or she cannot quickly void. In short the mutual goal is happiness on a superficial level, but neither party would care to admit this truth.

One tactic that some use to catch their spouse or partner is to create a new account and go online with a totally false profile or having a friend to do so. Men use this tactic more so than women in the sense they use the Internet far more. However, there are clusters of women who also use this strategy. The main goal of an individual doing this is to see exactly how badly thya re disliked by their partner. As a person that chose to do this one in my past, the sentiments that was revealed about me was very difficult to endure throughout the three months long period of engaging dialogue. Finally, it came to one night that we were supposed to meet at a restaurant. She was shocked upon seeing me there and I politely handed her a very nice card that said “Good-bye”. Needless-to-say, denial was the first thing that she tried to use. I got into my car and never saw her again to this day. Messages were left about me being deceitful, but I countered with the covert actions she took as mutually offensive.

Even though I thought it was very childish, I learned quickly that life had more to offer than one individual in one city. Intutition is usually right and igoring it only assists in the dance of mis-steps in relationships. From what I gathered from the instant messages, she hated me more than Hitler because in her words, “I was too nice.” Interestingly enough, she married and after several trips to the hospital courtesy of her new bad boy, she emailed me forto arrange lunch. Going against my better judgment, I chos eto meet and the first thing that entered my mind was “What the hell was going on with me?” I could finally look at the situation objetively and understood that she was not worth the aforementioned efforts in the first place. From that moment on, I decided to leave upon the first red flag of infidelity.

Some people like myself value their time over emotional conflict. Now, getting back to you, the best way to avoid all of this madness is to understand that the communications will escalate over time to a point of making plans without you. Yes, it will get to a point that you will become irrelevant and they are solely focused on the individual ont eh other end of the messenger service. Their hope is risk it all for the other person because you are not worth the risk of staying in the relationship. Isolation is a common practice, then youa re treated as if you are contaminated and of course intimacy goes out the door. “We should start seeing other people” is usually the calling card. At this point they have lost all interest in you and the detachment escalates to a point where you to are not even in the same space on any level.

People love to use the term, “I have fallen out of love with you”, in fact they never went that far int he first place in some cases, but instead see others as opportunities and not partners. The downside to this behavior is that as they tire of people, people also tire of them. Think about the number of married people leaving thier spouses or lovers in the hopes of being with someone better. Economics is the first thing that many women use to distance themselves from men, and men commonly use a woman’s build or weight as his easy-out for cheating. The truth is that going into relationships people hope to be the Walmart of love and instead may only have the excitement of a new car until after a year or two.

Younger people are slowing their rate of marriage after witnessing some of the behavior in the past where more than before a considerable number of these young men and women come from divorced or single-parent families. Therefore, many of them may not have witnessed a healthy relationship in their lives, so they have no clue about sustaining one. Cheating can be viewed as a symptom of a larger problem that the perception of you has changed from the perspective of your partner. He or she will more likely than not find others that support her position and use them as the sentiment needed to end the relationship.

One interesting chracteristic is that married women are slower to jump out into a dating situation with someone online in comparison to divorcees and singles. The one type of person to avoid on the dating scene are the time-wasters or those that are married that want to just vent about their situation. The others are the divorcees and in some cases singles that are perpetual daters that just seek out people to sleep with and become winded and dined by. These women and men are usually older and have undergone a lot of situations and now want to just mingle. They are great for sex wasting money and precious time and nothing else because if you get emotionally involved ther is a good probability of being hurt. Whn something taumatic happens in their lives, they usually try to get serious. I think of a situation years ago when a woman I knew enoyed the benefits of being with a gentleman that was more serious about her than she was about him. She teased him about a future together as companions; however, when she became ill she wanted to marry ( primarily to assist in paying the medical bills). Unfortunately, the gentle passed away and left his estate and wealth to the State of California. She suffered miserably before dying.

The sad truth is that we take people for granted and through it all when it comes down to brass-tacks, that faithful person that may be so casually ignored or dismissed may be that green grass after the fields you sought turned brown. On the dating scene over the years I have witnessed this over and over again and even though a partner may have the best laid plans for their lives, they may think that they know better. It i much like the person who makes a hit song, accepts US$10k and sign over North American serial right only to realize that the song grossed over US$200Mil. A fool know the price of everything but the value of nothing.


Thoughts on Don Sterling’s Alleged Comments

Thoughts on Don Sterling’s Alleged Comments
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by Jausan | © 2014 All Rights Reserved
Santa Clarita, California

I have been rather reserved about my comments about Don Sterling (Clippers Owner). Yes, it was insensitive for him to make those alleged comments. However, I think it was equally wrong for his mistress to use public embarrassment to resolve a private matter. Let’s face it, had she not been going through legal issue with him and his wife, no one would have cared. It is understandable that he may have views and so do we when it comes to certain preferences even though we would like to assume that life is all politically correct.

However, in this instance, she exploited this opportunity along with African-American sentiments to get back at him more so than anything else about us. I am sure she has heard other things before this tape-recorded incident and chose not to go to the public about it. However, when things are not in a person;s favor, there is no telling how low a person will go to hurt another. Was she outraged when he bought her the Bentley, Ferrari and Range Rover? Probably not. It amazes me when minorities become rich (temporary wealth), they are not so impacted by the nature of beast of racism. It still exist in the hearts of some people, but not as it did when laws were in place to ensure the racial divide. I do not condone his remarks in any way, but just think about the people you despise each day and how you manage to tolerate them long enough to get your pay-check and cash it.

I am less offended about what he said, because he would say it whether public or private and he is under no moral obligation to anyone to modify his behavior. However, I am more offended by the mistress trying to create a call-to-action because things did not go her way. All of the African-American leaders condemned the man. Think about it for a moment, he is in his 80’s and respectfully what is she doing with him in the first-place? He is well past her senior, married, wealthy, and has her as his souvenir and fantasy. There is no doubt he has views about African-Americans and other minorities and even though we may not life them, many have died for the right for him to speak despite his 18th Century mindset.

This is a learning tool not just for minority females, but females in general, no matter how wealthy a man is, money will not change his sentiments and beliefs. She took a risk on playing a high-stakes game and in the end lost as the wife prepares to sue her. The most tragic element to this whole thing is that despite all of the comments and trashing, there will be people supporting the franchise. So in retrospect the price was very high for her to pay for the life of luxury, her personal dignity. The short-cut to wealth by sleeping with a guy for his bucks is what guys like Sterling look-out for and understand that the few coins that he shells out to her is marginal to what the wife gets in return.

At best this is a glorified form of prostitution that ended badly and the race-card is the only weapon she had left to fight-back with in the end. Even if he is racist, the man is 80 something years old and what power does he have over you? Nothing, the players can be traded to other teams or serve-out the terms of their contracts if so desired. Minorities to him may be a necessary evil from his perspective and therefore he exploits them for profit. However, one thing to keep in mind is that even though all of this comes out now, and African-American general manager by the name of Elgin Baylor worked for the Clippers for almost 30 years.

So before allowing this woman to have a nation serve her agenda, we need to be objective and look at the motivations for it. This is not a racially motivated situation, but one that exploits racism to hurt Don Sterling in his pocket and through his reputation. Again, in now way are his alleged remarks acceptable, but is also not acceptable for a grown woman to use a dispute to garner public favor either.

It should be noted that Elgin Baylor is suing Don Sterling for being terminated in 2009 based on age and racial discrimination.  As you can see despite the racial over-tones,an extramarital affair leads to this sort of racial tension.

Using Sex as a Tool in Relationships

Using Sex as a Tool in Relationships
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by Jausan | © 2014 All Rights Reserved
Santa Clarita, California

There are people on the singles scene who believe sex is a tool that can trump logic when it comes to conflict, problems, and impasses.  And the sad commentary is that these people take this warped sense of normalcy into long-term relationships.  And the differences between the genders in relation to sex from this perspective are vastly different.  The guy is the hunter and the female is the prey.  Every woman exploits this probability for a man in some way.  However, very few women realize that men have two main focuses with any woman outside family and close friends, 1) to see them naked if permitted, and 2) to sleep with them.  Very few guys will ever confess to this, bur being that I am single, I am will take a bullet for the team LoL.  However, there are some habits from the Premium Sexual Possibility (PSP) that women dangle in front of men at times that makes it into marriages. How many times have you heard a married woman use a sexual act as a favor to acquire items with husband, sometimes jokingly and other times seriously.  The truth is that manipulation and exploitation are part of who we are as humans and therefore routines utilizing these elements in our personalities become an acceptable practice.

Think of it this way, a single female that does not use her sexuality as leverage with men would never consider having to perform a sex act even joking in an effort to acquire the thing she wants and later in marriage those same practices are exercised.  The dynamic is that this may influence her choice in mates such as a partner who can appreciate an independent woman who doesn’t have to use her sexuality to manipulate.  On occasion a joke for sarcasm. may be… but when it becomes part of a routine there may be communications issues or terms within the relationship that may be imbalanced.

It takes a while for some people to figure out that sex is a relevant part of a relationship that eventually tapers-off with age.   We hear all of the exceptions to the rules of course, but by and large couples that have been together for an extended period of time do not engage in the practice as they did in their younger years before or shortly after marriage.  There are many factors that come into play such as kids, work schedules, and disputes that may result from time to time in some sort of isolation.  You hear the senseless argument of couples picking a fight for the make-up sex.  The truth is that if a couple has to go to such an extreme that could be accomplished with a total stranger instead of a loved one.

The shock for many women who base their relationship largely on the sexual aspect is when the male partner cheats or outsources the practice.  Sexual currency does have a shelf-life and there has to be more than sex itself to keep a relationship going as we know, but sex is not therapy because the conflict that existed before going into the bed-room remains outside of it.  One example is if or when a man cheats and instead of dealing with the reason for his infidelity, she falls into competition with the other woman to win him back sexually.

The sexual favors and sexual therapy approaches remain controversial to some women because it smacks of prostitution and desperation.  However, many of the modern independent women have sex with their partner out of love and physical need while retaining their independence, sense of self-worth and personal integrity.

Another issue that comes about with over-sexualized relationships is that over time she gets boring to him due to no fault of her own.  It has more to do with men preferring to see other features, builds, and types of women in the physical sense. An example of this is the estimated 2 billion plus men estimated throughout the world that have looked at adult material either over the Internet or in print.  Therefore, some women are intimidated by the material and fall under the impression that the women being viewed is what is desired.  In some cases that is true, but interestingly enough there are some informal surveys such as results published in the Huffington Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/02/cheating-study_n_4032035.html) that counters this argument suggesting that people cheat with less attractive partners.  The implications are that the model types in magazines or on the Internet are dreams instead of realities.

In closing. women using sexual currency to get things may want to review the structure of their relationship and those that use it as a means to appease after abuse may need to seek help.  Statistically, sex only last for 15 minutes according to some surveys and this means some people may interact with their partners and spouses in the same time-alotted intervals when it comes to conflict.  There are many licensed professionals that can assist in resolving issues and these resources are sometimes underutilized.

What the Other Woman May Know…


0057_imagesWhat the Other Woman May Know…
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“a private online community since 1995”
by Jausan | © 2014 All Rights Reserved
Santa Clarita, California

‘What does she have that has my man going to her?’ is a question that bounces in the minds of some women when they discover that their men have cheated. The one question that should be asked is ‘What does the other women know that I don’t?’. Most often women are focused on how the other woman looks or what she wears. Instead the information that the other woman has about you and your relationship is more important. There are some guys that may reveal to the other woman that he has a woman. However, he may not tell the woman he is in a relationship with that there is another woman. This is a common approach that most men undertake to have one party abreast with the particulars in case his partner or spouse finds out. A safety-net best describes this tactic so that out of the two, he does remain with at least one of the participants. The information that the other woman receives may involve all of the short-comings of the current partner from issues about body-type to far more personal details about flaws in personality or character. The main benefit to the other woman is his blue-print in avoiding becoming more like his partner. She is more aware of his likes and dislikes and knows most if not all of the partner’ flaws. The very things that he should discuss with his partner is shared with the other woman.

As he finds more trust in her listening ears, the benefits are increased in respect to time, money, and attention. Meanwhile the partner is neglected and usually lied to in some way. The first lie told to the partner in respect to the other woman’s benefit is the beginning of neglect in the relationship. Anger is commonly used as a defensive measure for the guy to thwart communications with the partner and therefore qualify the distance in the relationship. Unfortunately, even though the intuition may be present for the partner she may need a bit more evidence to confront him with. During this period, the man will use this to distance himself from the partner and cement the foundation of a stronger relationship with the other woman. The distinction between the other woman and a mistress are vast and yet similar.

The other woman may be involved in a relationship herself and conspiracy between she and the occupied male partner is the biggest betrayal. The mistress is usually single and available and may demand more from the cheating male partner than he can or willing to give up such as cash, material items or even his relationship. The other woman usually works in tandem with the cheating male partner over a specific time-line toward a specific goal. This duo create routines, strategies, meeting-places, and schedules with a mutually acceptable agenda. These relationships are developed carefully over time and are far from the booty-call types of cheating. Sexual compatibility is also another aspect that these two may find to compliment the union. The most obvious avenue for these relationships to develop are in a variety of environments much like any conventional relationship. Most often, women assume that the Internet is the lynch-pin for most of these relationships. In fact this is not always the case due to the fact that these interpersonal liaisons most often begin within regular communities, at work, at church and other venues. The rationale is that trust is required and the Internet is very illusive and what is posted may not be reality.

A man seeking the other woman will have to be with someone he can trust and someone that is very discreet and someone he feels very comfortable around. In some cases it could be someone that both he and his partner knows. There are those men that prefer to have complete strangers in these arrangements and it will take considerable time before developing a serious trust-based relationship. The irony is that he is looking for the same thing in a relationship that he breeched in his own pre-existing relationship. If she is in a relationship or marriage there is a good possibility that she will also purge her dislikes about her situation. The misery-loves-company cliche’ comes to mind in that they both will unite for a cause to be happy and view their partners as oppressors. The two parties may find equity in the union to the point of having him accountable as if they were married or committed.

The weaknesses in their partners lays the ground-work for them to build a relationship from two ruined ones. In some cases, they may even schedule a time to reveal to the world that they are lovers along with their intentions. Others will conceal the union until the very end to avoid criticism and controversy. If the other woman is ever confronted by the cheating partner’s partner or spouse she has enough ammunition to not only hurt her feelings, but to also embarrass her into oblivion for his perspective. The sad thing about these situations is that the cheating partners are only staying in the relationship with their partners for a benefit of having the routine while creating another outside for a smooth transition. Once again cheating is a selfish act and therefore the cheaters in this case are only focused on their happiness.