Married & on Dating Sites

We hear a lot of complaints about dating sites, but the fundamental problem has little to do with the enterprises, but more to do with the individuals populating them.  For instance, it is estimated that about 15 – 25% of the people on dating sites are actually married or separated.  Despite the best efforts of these sites to filter out married types, they manage to perpetrate.  The most non-traditional trend is the rise in married women subscribing to these sites.  In fact, most of these married women may shy away from sites such as Ashley-Madison because of the social stigma associated with it.  In stead, may find comfort in dealing with singles in a neutral environment.

The rationale for many of the women in particular to do this derives from other issues that could be based on issues in the marriage or a sense of unfulfillment.   However, one of the main draws is the attention given by someone single to not only stroke theri ego or life-self esteem, but to also pursue fantasies.  A married woman using one of these sites may consider herself single and therefore only a single partner will do.  Men may also exercise the same practice to bed women, but the motivation is a bit different in the sense that married men are more interested in the sexual aspect of meeting another woman.  Women may seek out a bit more, even if they are seeking sex, may linger based on the attention factor.

One interesting finding is that the majority of these women average in age between 25 – 45 years of age.  There is no rhyme or reason for this behavior, among this large demographic, but on thing that is in common among some studies, married women signing-up for single sites have been married from 3 – 10 years on average.  According to relationship experts, cheating is usually due to perceived bordom in relationships.   Most often, the motivation for both of these men and women is sex.  The difference between them and singles is that the singles seek a relationship while others seek a booty-call.

The harsh truth is that these people are greedy and marginally committed to anyone but themselves.  Yes, they are selfish and care very little about exposing others to the risk of running in their spouse.  Women are usually more convincing when it comes to reassuring  a man that there is no concern being with her.  Guys should really pay attention to detail, because believing what she tells you may lead to confrontation.  One thing to remember is that a cheater only represents the relationship from his or her perspective.