Help…I’m in too deep…

Help…I’m in too deep… – Jausan’s Questions & Answers.

Cool site Got a problem. I’m a white guy in my early twenties from a very affluent family in the Southwest. Met this black girl in college and we dated on campus until my senior year in 11. I had to break it off because I was one year ahead of her because of the distance. She transferred to a school near my hometownand showed up at my doorstep. I’m not racist, but my folks are a totally different story. They were’nt mean to her, but the tension was there and they did not like it one bit that she was in our house.

Well I am moving into my place in March but my parents made it crystal clear that they do not want me around minorities. My dilemma is I need start-up cash from my Dad for my business and there are some serious string attached. Unfortunately, she did not get the message when I told her that day that we are a no go.

She is a smart, attractive, and cute girl, but I only wanted her for the sex and nothing more. Before I left school she hit me with the “I’m pregnant thing” but never saw her produce a baby or any record of an abortion. In my opinion, she had a taste of the good life with the money I spent on her and I got sex so it seems to be an even trade.

Anyhow, I can’t let this girl fuck up my future and she is damn sure not getting any more of my money. What is the best way to get my mesage across to her to keep her from calling me and showing up at my folks house trying to fit in? Your help is most appreciated.


The Great Southwest


She Says White Men Love Black Women Over All Other Women!

you have to see this then you have to follow me on twitter… this woman on youtube says that black women are sought after and cherished by white men but why does she want to prove this ?

Why does she hestitate to Introduce him to her girlfriends?

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“Why does she hesitate to introduce him to her girlfriends?

I get this question from more men than anyone else because they are not familiar with the game.  Here we go with this madness.  The reason why most women hesitate to introduce their man to their friends is based on three considerations.  1) The women are trying to hedge against the negative feed-back by prolonging the introduction, and 2) minimizing the possibility of one of the girlfriends having a go at him, and  3) to pre-empt the reality of him finding out that he might not have selected the best woman in the lot.

I know this may be controversial, but so true because by the very pressures applied to women, they are commonly classified as insecure and therefore the three considerations are valid.  In all fairness, I have gone through that situation dating a woman that prolonged the introduction to her friends.  After under-going this a couple of times in my younger years, I decided to place a cap on the time I was willing to deal with the whole friend approval and vetting process, “One meeting or evening” and that was it.

Now there are mainly three reasons why a woman tries to keep you away from her friends initially.  And they as follows:

1) Fearing that he may not be good enough.

2) Fear that one of the girls might like him enough for a challenge.

3) Fear that he may discover that the two of them are not such a great fit and one of her girlfriends may be better.

This fear comes from insecurity and yes there are those that have girlfriends that say they would never act upon an impulse, but no one can read the minds of others, but can only go by their past behavior.  So in many ways this degree of uncertainty is justified.  However, in many respects some women need to grow-up and not allow their girlfriends to assist in predicting their happiness.