Should I tell my bestie?

Love your answers. Hey gotta big decision to make. My bestie’s husband works for the same company I do but different department and areas. Today there was major drama on his side of the office because one of the girls accused him of getting her pregnant. At first, I paid it no mind until she started talking about things that only someone around my bestie and him would know. Should I tell my bestie or keep my mouth shut? From what I have heard he was with this chick for over a year.

Tanya T., Langley, VA


How do I get Rid of an Old Smelly Cougar?

How do I get Rid of an Old Smelly Cougar?

Dude let me start by thanking you for creating a place to ask those fucked up questions you would never ask your friends or relatives. Here goes my situation. I was dating this 23 year old girl. I’m 24 and we were hot n heavy at Cal State San Berdoo. Well she would invite me over everyone in a while and I did the same and thing were cool. She graduated a year earlier than me and went for her masters at UC Irvine. Since then, her 49 year old mom has been calling me on the regular asking me about how I’m doing and stuff like that. So one day she need some help this past summer so I go over and help her with moving some of the furniture from my girl’s old room. Dude she took her clothes off and one thing lead to another.

Well when I spoke to my girl shortly afterwards, her mom had called her before and told her everything in graphic detail. Now my girl won’t have anything to do with me and hardly ever comes back home to San Berdoo. And since the summer I continued banging the mom, but now she has started to look like and old lady like my mom. She’s not wearing the thongs or the miniskirts any more. So my interest is gone but she calls my house looking for me like I’m her child. My folks don’t know yet and to this day my girl won’t speak to me. How can I get rid of this Cougar and get my shit right with my girl?

Ali Q.

Rialto, CA, USA


My best male friend made a move on me now what should I do?

My best male friend made a move on me now what should I do? – Jausan’s Questions & Answers.

My name is Sharon and I have been friends with a guy for almost 6 years now and lastnight while stopping by my apartment he slipped his hand under my skirt. It was really an awkward moment and we both knew it wasn’t right. I never thought that he would do something like this to me,

Jennifer H.

Portland, OR, USA

Is role-playing healthy in a relationship?

Is role-playing healthy in a relationship? – Jausan’s Questions & Answers.

You have an interesting insight on relationships, so I thought it proper to ask you this question because my husband and I are an interracial couple both in our mid-thirties [he’s Caucasian and I’m African-American]. We belong to this private club that has retreats in several Southern states. We re-enact roles from the Civil War.

A few days ago my husband told me of another private club where black wives and girlfriends can be exchanged for sexual favors and role-playing as slaves. I wasn’t shocked by this because some of our role-play with other like-minded couples involved renting places and having marc-auctions and the like. In the beginning I felt degraded, but now I have found comfort in it. I wrote this question because my husband told me that he is bringing in another wench for breeding and she will be co-habitating with us.

I want my normal marriage back again without all of this stuff.


Columbia, SC, USA

How do I get out of oral sex with my man?

How do I get out of oral sex with my man? – Jausan’s Questions & Answers.

Recently, I met a guy while in Vegas during the hoidays and wedid the nasty or whatever the latest term is for screwing. He went down on me before I could shut the hotel room door. Everythig seems okay until he wanted me to return the favor. I got out of it over the holidays claiming to have a cold, but he is driving down from Vegas to San Bernardino this weekend. I do like the guy a lot, but oral sex grosses me totally out. Before it even got to that point, I tried to make him stop, but it was so good I could only grit my teeth and moan,,,Hey a girl has her needs…

What can I tell this guy to explain to him that I am not into oral without hurting his feelings are making him feel used after Vegas?

Rosie H.

Marvista, California, USA

What should I do with these feelings?

What should I do with these feelings? – Jausan’s Questions & Answers.

Hi Jausan, got your link from Romance Refere and had to ask this question.I have been a straight woman for a large portion of my life, however; since my divorce five years ago my time has been spent with my bestfriend since high school. She is still married, the traditional All American Mom, Sunday School Teacher, you name it. Anyway, she came over to my house during the Christmas Holidays to brin gifts. At best, I thought it was going to be a regular Christmas Eve gathering. She literally spent the night only to bring gifts and her children to my home. She confessed that her husband had been cheat on her for the last several years with one of her former co-workers.

I though it was a cool situation being that I had no children or family close by because all of my folks are in Maine and there is a family rift that is a total nother story. Anyway, she came over Christmas Eve and did not leave until yesterday. At first I made every excuse to cut the visit short, but on Christmas Eve while chatting on my sofa, she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I must admit that it felt strange because I had never thought about homosexuality beyond knowing a neighbor lady back in Maine that was that way.

I was shocked, appauled, and aroused at the same time. At age 47 I felt like I didn’t know crap. By the time she left my place yesterday we had made love. I never in my life questioned my sexuality and never though of being with another woman, but I can truly say that the exerience was far better than with my ex-husband.

Sorry for such a long backstory, but my question to you is ‘Should I pursue a relationship at this point or just ignore this incident?’ My ex had some very negative views on homosexuals and minorities and this is why he is my ex. Waiting for your reply.


K. Ellen

San Diego, California, USA