Taurus Women

Taurus women are compassionate and willing to tolerate BS to a certain point.  However, they may seem social and submissive on the surface, they can become very fiery if provoked.  These women generally like high-quality and pretty things and take serious interest in sentimental gifts.  A Taurus woman may go that extra mile to please her man including having several strange sexual situations or engaging in activities. They also possess a hot temper at times, even though they are sweet-natured.  Occasionally, a Taurus woman may flirt, but brings her sexual desires home to her mate.  They may be a bit self-centered and often make the wrong decision when choosing a romantic partner, especially when they go for the material things. They are also persistent when faced with adversity. These women are excellent partners when it comes to sticking with a partner when times are tough and the chips are down.  It is also a common practice for these women to masturbate instead of being in bed with someone they do not desire.  They may also be cold in the sense of permanently walking away from a situation that is toxic or unhealthy.