No Glove! No Love!

Sex without a condo feels so good and there is no doubt about it, but despite all of the contraception tools we have, a barrier offers a bit more protection.  As a single woman without any STD’s or infections, my biggest fear is to wind up sleeping with someone who may view unprotected sex as a sport.  Growing up in LA during the 1990’s, almost every one of my female class-mates either had a child out of web-lock or caught an STD at some point.  Now, as I see them later in life, many of them are already grandmothers, still single and never-married.    The most disturbing trend I see is their daughters having children without a man either with a job o an education.

It is a sad legacy when visiting my friends, witnessing three lost generations of fatherless women.  I swore to myself and family that this was not going to happent o me.  One perverted philosophy I find among my firend’s children is the notion of accepting getting pregnant, but putting marriage under more scrutiny.  I pondered about the rationale for this argument until realizing that the reason some African-American women adopt this approach has more to do with marriage requireing more responsiblity than having a child.  In other words, she will have assitance to feed and raise a child without having t do much more than having sex, get a mediocre job, food-stamps and receive child support from the sperm-donor.  As a marital partner, she may be required to be more socially and legally responsible for the child.  You can probably equate this to some people that go into the prison system or military and get out and realize that it is easier to be taken care of by a larger insitution.

None of the women I have grown up with had a gyno exam prior to birthing their child and more than likely none of them could tell you who ther gynocologist is by name.  I don’t mean to be brash, but the true hurt sometimes.  I have had men actually leave my bed while I have been butt-naked with my thighs open in the missionary position because I asked then to put on a condom.  Over time, I realized one thing, those guys that have something to lose will put on a sleeve as opposed to those that don’t give a damn.  In my experience the condoms have never broke or slid-off as some of my friends claim out of the clear-blue after every time they wind up pregnant.

I am also very slow on giving a guy head unless we have been together for a very long time.  Yes, I fall into the stereo-type of black women that are notorious for not sucking dick.  He has to undergo a lot before that happens, but I am not one fo those women that will allow a guy to go down on them and say “I owe you one later…” This is immature, but some grown women neve grow up.

Women like myself may find pleasure with a pillow between our thighs on occasion and a battery-operated-boyfriend to releive the tension of sex at times instead of fucking any  penis that comes along.  Some times a girl just wants the penetration and release without the man.  Of course, masturbation is not as fulfilling s being with a man, but it calms us so that our hormones will not allow us to make the wrong decision based solely on a physical need.

I love the sensation of a man ejaculating in a consom inside me, because i can still feel the warmth of his sperm when he releases.  The added assurance of the latex allows me to enjoy the experience that much more.

DiannaRose — Inglewood, CA












My Dignity Had a Price

I am a 42 year-old African-American woman born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  Like many of you, when the financial crisis hit my town, it put many of us into dier situations.  I lost a great job as a business systems analyst when the company I worked for chose to relocate overseas to save cost.

Unlike most  34 year-old women in my deomographic back then,  I had no hildren, but student loan,s car payments, and rent, the usual stuff.  Initially, I was under the impression that I could relocate to Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, or New York to seek better opportunities.  The traveling was fruitless and it did not take long before I had blown through my 401k and severance pay. I barely had enough cash to get back to Detroit and found myself living with my sister and her husband in Flint.

I baby-sat for those fortunate enough to keep a job and life got really tough after losing everything.  It is hard to reflect back on those times,  but I used the cliche’ that gets most black folks in trouble ‘I did what I had to do…’.  This term means ‘Fuck it!’  Baby-sitting did not give me enough money to move out on my own again, and I did not want to make the mistake of shacking up with a guy or gal for the benefit of having a roof over my head.

I chose to respond to an Internet Ad on a popular web site ofr classifieds.  I saw they needed local women to work from home.  Well, I met with the to ladie and they bragged about how much money they made and I was impressed with the Mercedes 500 and the LV purses each of them hand.  Well, I decided to join them and began doing web cam shows on a schedule at their home.  I felt kind of awkward having a woman go down on me for the first time and literally held my breath when I did the same for them.  All kinds of moral questions danced in my mind while licking and sucking on these womens’ breasts and clits.  That feeling lasted until  I received my first check.  I had enough money to actually go to the bank and get my car back from repo before auction.  However, the women advised me of the rules of the game.  Certain VIP clients wated to see a black woman without tattoos, and that was my calling, then I was in demand for my lighter complexion and long black hair.  The larger and darker ladies took offence when my checks became larger and I was more popular.

Eventually, I came home from a night-out with a date and my bags were on the front steps and even though I wasn’t broke, I was not quite in the financial position I wanted to be in.  My date invited me to stay at his place and I tried to get back into the grind of finding another job like I had before the crisis, but instead settled for a waitress job.  Well, I met a Caucasian guy that told me I could make a lot of money.  I ran down the ‘Been there heard that!” script.  He gave me his business card and two crisp $100 bills and told me to put it away, then paid the bill with a legit tip of $100 with the bill.

I called the guy and showed up at a run-down warehouse near the river.  There were black women lined up inside the building from all walks of life from prostitues to sstruggling single mothers.   The one thing I noticed immediately was there were no black men around.  Inside the larger area of the warehouse were movie sets like for kitchen scenes, living-rooms, bed-rooms, and bath-rooms.  The furniture was second-hand.  I knew it was a bad life choice for me at the time, but there was a need to get back the lifestyle I had lost.

The guy that gave me the generous tip tspped me on the shoulder and motioned me to follow him.  I had no idea what was about to happen.  HI followed him into an office and he reached into a drawer and tossed me a pre-sealed envelop on top of the desk.  He told me that if I took the money his crew could have me for a day of filming.  I did not know what that specifically meant, but had a idea it meant having sex of some sort.  Well, when I opened the envelop an say that it was about $500 in 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, and 1’s, I agreed in the sense that it was for only one day.  This was the biggest mistake of my life.

When I passed by some of the other movie-sets, I saw these white men doing degrading things to these black women, but being that I never heard the “N-Word” used, I ignored the reality.  I got to our kitchen set and the nice man barked orders for me to strip.  At first I turned up my nose and another man grabbed me by the throat  began to unbutton my blouse.  The other details, I care not to share at this point.  Before the day was over with my ass , mouth, and vagina were sore from being spanked and penetrated and handled like a piece of cheap meat.

As I dressed myself, tears streamed down my face as I could hear other women doing the same upon realizing how low we fell for a few hundred dollars.  I though the ordeal was over and it was a foolish mistake I made in my 30’s.  Afterwards I moved to Las Vegas and re-established my life in a call center until recently.  One of my rival co-workers found the video tape on a porn channel and now everyone knows.  My husband and I are now in counseling about it and I just ray that my daughter will never see it.

C.T. — Las Vegas, NV




Do You Like Receiving Oral?

When it comes to women’s feelings about receiving oral sex, it’s a complicated discussion. Unlike men who, by and large, seem to love receiving oral sex under most, if not all circumstances, for women, it’s just not that simple. For us, there are many other factors that come into play — and the two big ones are skill and trust. If we’re not feeling secure, then for most of us, no matter how well our partner knows their way around a vagina, we’re just not going to be able to get that into it.

Then, of course, there are those situations where the person on the other end is clearly confused as to what is where and how to even handle our anatomy. That can make for an even more awkward situation, especially for women who are already feeling insecure about being in such a vulnerable position. It’s not easy to be spread eagle in front of someone else, and even those incommitted long-term relationships would sometimes rather do anything butthat.

We already know that some women hate cunnilingus and others love it, but we wanted to know why. Here’s what 11 Bustle readers had to say about receiving.

One Woman’s Take on Masturbation & Marriage

My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years now and masturbation is an important part of our marriage. It was not easy at first, because I used to think when my man did it,another woman was on his mind. Seeing and hearing his meat flapping at night after we had sex made me feel inadequate. After he came and I orgasmed, I thought things were done for the night.

Well, being much younger and not knowing, I took it as an insult and labeled him a jerk of the highest level. I thought it was inconsiderate and selfish. After making him feel bad and emasculating him for it verbally, I found myself in the worse of moods all of the time. One night, I woke up as he was stroking hi enis and turned the light on one night and asked him about masturbating. That was the moment things changed for us.

My usual routine was to put the pillow over my head to drown out the sounds of his moans and to make sure that none of jis sperm saturated the sheets. However, on this particular night, I pulled up the hem f my night-gown, open my thighs and matched him stroke for stroke with my clit.

He took my hands from between my thighs and guided it over his manhood. I noticed immediately that he was far more erct than he was inside me only hours earlier. He wiggled his fingers deep inside me and I guided his hand into the right spot that sent fireworks through my body. We laid beside each other until I was so wet and he was so hard that sex was the only cure.

From that moment forard, it has become and esential part fo our sexual ritual and one that extends the pleasure in the bedroom.

Claudia T. — Santa Monica, CA

The Sexy Granny of 2016

Forty years ago, we would have never thought of a woman in her 50’s as being secy, because the social stereo-type was that she was too old.  However, in our modern day, the older woman is actually one of the most over-sexed demographics in the United States.  According to various studies , the women in their early 50’s and up are either finding younger men to date or pleasing themelves sexually.

These women assume the traditional roles of grandmother, but are not the going to sit and remain a permanent baby-sitter.  Instead, these women are following a trend established by the female baby-boomers.  The Jone’s Generation women or those in their 50’s are not waiting for the Prince Charming or the Romantic Truth.  The fairy-tales are not a consideration for these women and they are more assertive in thier efforts to become satisifed.

There are many social factors that changed this role for these women such as the Era of The 90’s when they had thier children.  During that time Oprah was a popular show and the trend was for indepednent women to just have the child and do the rearing alone.  Throughout the following years many of these women dated and some married, but millions of these women wound-up as Baby-Momma’s or Single Mothers.  Many went back to school and got higher paying jobs and reared the kids with 18 being the age in which they were sent out into the world.  Some followed the trend going into the second decade of the 21st Century in pursuit of younger men.  The one factor that became a problem for many of them was that the younger men were not so financially stable and emotionally mature.

Since then, some found love with someoone of a suitable age, others found themselves perpetually listed on dating sites trying to find that magic guy, while others chose to re-capture those years missed taking care of their children.  The latter is the most common individual classified as The Granny of 2016.  These women are only concerned about their reputation with family and friends, but have very few inhibitions in the bedroom with the right person.

The Sexy Granny of 2016 may dress provocatively, get inked, and pull out a pair of booty-shorts  and even post selfies for the right partner.  They have no problem being naked and even less of an issue relieving their own sexual tension.  Unlike the Baby-Boomers in thier 60’s through 70’s, the Jone’s Generation Granny may not have a marriage that lasted decades and may not know what it is like to have a true relationship and it is not unreasonable for them to seek this out in their 50’s.  Some may attempt to use their bodies and sexuality as a draw while others may use their personality, and other more discreet virtues as a way of keeping a partner.

Throught it all, before you criticize that woman in her 50’s or older for wearing that mim-skirt or those booty-shorts, there is probably a story behind the behacior.  There is a good possibility that she is a good woman with naughty intentions.






I Married for a Fetish & Not Love

Since my divorce, I have come to realize that the reason why I married my ex-wife was because of one thing, a fetish I had for black women.  Throughout my formative years, my parents always spoke ill of black people because they were viewed as a social threat.  After I was able to unerstand that their hatred was based on fear, I thought that my life would be that change to bridge the legacy of racism in my family.  I began dating black women during my senior year in high school.

By the time I reached college, being with a black woman was the norm for me.  Yes, we received a lot of grief from both black s and whites about our realitionship in Atlanta.  But, I began to notice that the attraction was more physical than anything else.  I rarely had to do anything besides work and the ladies took care of me in every way.  In some ways I felt guilty, because many of them told me that they would never treat a black man that good because they did not deserve it.

I quickly noticed that anything I wanted to do with them in the bed-room was game including threesomes, oral, anal,and more.  They even spoke differently with the higher pitched voice and pseudo correct English around me and my friends.  When I married my ex, it was out of pity and my own selfish desires.  In some ways it raised her self-esteem as evidenced when she would brag to her other girlfriends about being married to a well-to-do white man.  Just to test the waters and see how far I could go with her as I had done with so many others, I only took her out to black venues and dared not to do so among some of my more affluent friends.

I never had resentment toward ayone, but understood that her large breasts, big round butt, and dark choclate skin were the elements she possessed that I could not resist.  The main reason for our divorce came about from an argument when she thought it would be a cool idea for her to dress-up as a slave girl and me dressing as a Confederate General for a Halloween Pary.  I then began to look at her differently from that night forward.  When we met, she wore her own hair.  When we separated, she cut her hair and had a platinum blond haur-weave, fake finger-nails, and blue contact lenses.  Interestingly, if I wanted to marry a white woman, I would not go for a half-ass imitation.

I am happy these days with a wonderful black woman that has my heart and even though she arouses me sexually, there is far more to her than that.  She is an equal partner and someone that has her own defined  identity.

Allan P.– Columbus. GA

Mother & Daughter Competition

rt-wp0017One of the most disturbing experiences that a younger woman can have is for her mother to disrespect her and sleep with her man. Yes, there are some mature women out there that find it amusing to engage in this practice, leaving the daughter heart-broken and suspicious. The most often cause of this gross violation of trust and respect has to do with an act of selfishness and disregard to the daughter. In some instances this is a delayed reaction of resentment of the daughter being born. Others may see this as competition. However, one common factor is low self-esteem on the part of the mother. We all know that relationships should and must have boundaries, but there are some people in general that are reared without them or ignore them. You may see this behavior among people that have reared themselves without the guidance of parents or other respectable figures.

This competition may begin innocently and escalate based on the amount attention the mother may receive from her daughter’s man. Now this transgression may occur with aunts and or other relatives that may have a sense of entitlement. One of the early signs of this behavior may begin with inappropriate attire or the potential of the boyfriend seeing the mother opt relative nude at some point. This introduction may begin early in the daughter’s relationship with the young man or later after she has had a chance to feel him out. There have been some rare accounts according to some of the email we have received of mothers actually having a pre-qualifier of sleeping with the guy discreetly prior to allowing him to date the daughter. Yes, this is dysfunction at its finest, but the illogical logic is that if he is good enough for me then he is good enough for my daughter. It should be of no surprise that many of these relationships occur discreetly without the daughter’s knowledge. On one awkward account, a then 19 year-old guy was at a singles mixer and wound up talking to a woman about 48 years of age. The two eventually had sexual relations for several months with her avoiding the ridicule of explaining to family members of being with such a young guy. Eventually, the affair was over and they parted ways and he attended college in another part of the city. In his senior year, he fell in love with an attractive blonde in her early twenties. They relished in bliss until Spring Break.

She finally felt the relationship was strong enough for him to meet the parents. He became uncomfortable upon arriving to the same house where he had bedded her mother about three years prior. The young-man failed to disclose to his new love about his previous relationship with the lady in the home. When he met her mother, there was an awkward pause at the front-door as the mother and father greeted their daughter while holding hands. Sadly, the mother and young gentleman kept their secret and continued to see each other for years even after he and the daughter ended their relationship. This is one very rare example of how these situations may occur. The premise of the relationship was based on an unhappy wife venturing out for a younger man and ironically winding up with her daughter’s boyfriend. However, most incidents of this situation occur deliberately. What we have to consider is that some of these mothers have been in or remain in unfulfilling relationships and therefore they may feel trapped, unloved, or under-appreciated. Having the younger man may make her feel appreciated and being that he is probably gang to be with her daughter allows her the ease of access as a benefit. In other words, the daughter is used as bait to keep him there and the mother may leverage her influence on the relationship to extort him for sex. Needless to say, this is a disorder and there have been news accounts of mothers being caught with their daughter’s men or ex’s in compromising situations. However, the nom is that most mothers establish a level of respect and their relationships will never go so low.

But we must remember that normalcy is the rule and this behavior is the exception and not vice-versa. A younger woman should be aware of how her mother interacts with her boyfriend in regards in inappropriate behavior or living too vicariously through her daughter’s relationship it him. Again as mentioned earlier, attire is important, because saying that he is a member of the family as mother prances around in underwear or short skirts to attract the attention is something to consider. Most often sex and attention are the key factors in most of these women acting out this way, so therefore it may fall on the shoulders of both the boyfriend and daughter to immediately set the boundaries if the mother does not have the discipline to do so.

Deal-breakers for Men that Women May Not Understand

woman-dogAfter receiving numerous responses through email regarding this topic, I thought it only proper to respond. Ladies wondered why I have a definitive view on this subject-matter when it comes to men dating or marrying women. First let’s tackle the topic of pets and relationships. Yes, there are those guys that love pets and therefore there are dating web sites that cater to such a niche. Now, when it comes to conventional dating it is a bite harder for these people to get matched on other dating sites due to allergies, lack of interest, or some other reason. I personally care not to have some thing trolling around my residence that will always remain a liability, require increased cost and maintenance, and can never mature to a level beyond the present state of evolution.

So, in essence, a side-kick of sorts that may be best suited for time consumption at a much older age when either retired with more time available and potentially fewer resources as a person up in age. This is one reason why 62% of the women in my age demographic are avoided when it comes to dating. Many younger guys may tolerate the pets in order to cope with the benefits of being with a woman. In my youth, I never made a compromised in this regard because I refused to put myself and my partner under a veil of lies just to have sex on an on-going basis. One thing that I do not do is “Drink the Cool-Aid” for anyone. So, the guys that play the role of liking the pets will do so until they begin a serious relationship and the first issue is usually getting rid of them. I will never equate pets with children so when a woman calls them her children, it is an immediate deal-breaker for me. As a person that used to have pets, I understand the time, commitment, and expense, and exclusion that brings socially. For this reason, when I see personal ads with women posing with pets, I immediately swipe left on them without reading a single line of their profile. Another factor is the use of time, because in these relationships, the pet becomes an entity that will need the same thing a guy will need in the relationship and it is shared with a non-human and think about it if you have a child with this person how further fragmented your time will be alone with your partner. I do not dislike or hate pets, but just prefer not having dog or cat hair on me or sharing time with the creatures.

Now, on the topic of single mother or women with children, there are some major considerations for me. First I would never date a woman with children again because they are someone else’s responsibility. Secondly, it gives me a window into the mother’s judgment in respect to selecting men. Most often I encounter women that have multiple children and have never been married. The common scenario is a long-term relationship they have had in the past and either the child or children happened by accident or in a effort to propel the relationship forward. As a younger man, I allowed myself to become drawn to feeling sorry for this type of woman, only to realize that in many cases they have grown comfortable being the single parent and only wanted occasional sex and support from one or more men. One line that I got sick of hearing was “I am an independent woman!”, even though the majority were on some form of government assistance and working.

My position is not to criticize the women for that choices they have made, but to examine the perpetual mistakes that are still being made after failing to learn from the first experience. One particular reason why I avoid many African-American single mothers is that over 70% of the children born are introduced to single parent households with no or limited male interaction. Also, these children have not been in reared in a healthy environment because the parent may not have experienced a healthy relationship and what parents did or relatives have done does not count in a positive measure toward their experience. A common coping practice is for the single mother to use her sexuality or position as a victim to some degree to her advantage. Now, if a man was in the same situation, he would be considered irresponsible and or weak. After conducting a focus group of 100 men and women online last May, I discovered that the one reason men did not care to deal with single mothers had more to do with the probability of the father returning and sleeping with the mother.

Another secondary issue was the age of the child in the sense that most of the men interviewed and surveyed preferred dealing with women having children no older than 3 years of age. The data yielded that the rationale was they still had an opportunity to influence the out-come in the growth and development of the child in a positive way. It was asserted that older children and especially teen-agers were to difficult to manage, because patterns of behavior had been established that would carry them into adulthood.

An interesting finding was that the women in the focus group that had children within their teens sought a partner that could either speak to or influence their children toward better behavior practices. Another reality is that most men care not to date a woman with a male teen-ager at home, because he is considered the man of the house and therefore when another man is introduced an identity crisis may prevail. This means that if there is a disagreement between the mother and the boyfriend, the teen-age son may respond under self-imposed pressure to intervene. The fact that these women have children is the very reason why many of them may have multiple sex partners and not a real man in their lives.

Some may choose to have another children with one of them in the hopes of finding the one, but commonly collecting another child without marriage. In the African-American community it is common according to the quantitative data to find an African-American female more willing to have a child than to get married. This result may be from social conditioning or from various other reasons which have yet to be identified. The risk of dating the single mother in general have the assigned risk of her getting pregnant again in an effort to keep a man, encountering the father or fathers, building a communal relationship with extended family, and the cost and liability associated with taking on the responsibility. Value is the main reason why single men without children like myself avoid single mothers in the sense that there is no honor in taking on someone else’s responsibility, despite the cheers from those that are in worse financial shape. Also, besides having other bodies in the dwelling and access to sex on a regular basis with the mother, all of the rest is expense and liability. This is the major reason it is harder for single mothers to find a guy willing to marry them. The problem is not they had the child because that is a result, but the decision to create the child, a comprehensive choice made much earlier that reflects the judgment of the individual. Th

is is not to say that single mothers are bad, but in some cases the decisions made in the past have contemporary consequences. It should be noted that single mothers that have been married or had children by the same father does make a major difference for men when it comes to dating or marrying them. It is far more likely that a woman that had children by one man is much more likely to find a guy quicker than those with multiple fathers. And one major turn-off for single guys is the term “Baby Momma”. Such language counds immature and wreaks of the mind-set of an under-development adult.

Sex & The Professional Single Woman

Online-Dating-How-to-Tell-if-They-Are-a-Psycho-or-Even-a-Real-Person-featured_2We see her everyday in any urban or suburban community, professional, with a great smile, beautiful face, and disposition, but inside she is lonely and unfulfilled.  The Professional Single Woman is rather rare, unique, and very selective when it comes to dating.  The reason for her difficulty on the dating scene varies from not meeting men that are as well educated and refined down to the arrogant jerk that serves attitude instead of personality.  There are also some non-complimentary stigmas associated with her such as being snobbish, too selective, and in some cases a down-right classist.

The Professional Woman has a certain public image that becomes a part of her in such a way that it also encroaches into her personal life portfolio.  This means that she may not become the lady comfortable wearing the mini-skirt in public or showing affection in public.  It is in order for her to do all of her passionate work with her partner in very discreet surroundings.  Sometimes, she may fall into the mind-set of treating men as employees by ordering them around or using them as sexual tools.  Sadly, women with this disposition rarely find a substantial partner, but a substandard one instead.

A good segment of these women masturbate regularly as a routine and focus more on work than anything else while others may opt to suppress their urges by working-out in a gym or engaging in sports.   The challenge that many of these women face, (especially African-American Women) is finding a man that has a matching income scheme, educational level, and personality mix.  These are the three factors that keep these women isolated on the dating scene because most usually settle for the guy with potential or in the worst case, the guy she would have to rehabilitate.  The latter is the one that requires the most effort and assumes the most risk.  It is not far-fetched for these women to settle for a guy that may have only finished high school and possess the potential for a prevailing hourly wage .  She may have to use a lot of hands-on coaching with him to position the relationship to function.  Another challenge is to embrace the dysfunction associated with beliefs and philosophies.  For instance, she may have health-care through her job and he may have it through the Affordable Care Act, but does not see the value in being insured.  Therefore she may have to educate him on the importance of such a thing prior to him becoming ill or disabled and therefore becoming a liability.

The Professional Woman usually has a life-style that could be considered selfish in that the resources spent on her comfort may be viewed as a waste of money by those that may not make as much or are not used to being around successful people.  The one thing that the Professional Woman cares not to deal with are two simple words, “Financial Struggle”.  They are not materialistic from this perspective because they can afford to buy their own desired items instead of going to a man.  They are independent and well-rounded.  And here is the criteria that separates the Professional Woman from others:

  • They have careers instead of jobs that span over different organizations with increasing responsibilities while ascending the corporate ladder or committing themselves to their own successful and profitable business.
  • They make above US$60,000 pr. yr. annual salary without having to use their bodies in anyway.
  • They speak proper grammar and expect the same from their men.
  • They graduated from reputable schools and not vocational institutions or fly-by-night schools that only exist Online.

These women are all about business and love with little room for putting things out there and not backing it up.  Yes, they are independent in the sense that a man is not viewed as a provider, but a contributor in a relationship.  Sexually, they may want to be submissive, especially if they are in a leadership capacity where they wear the pants during the day at work.  Occasionally, they may want to be spanked during sex or role-play with a partner where he takes the lead.  An intimidated or weak man is not what they desire and neither is a brut or jerk.  They are notorious for scheduling sex at times and therefore a guy would have to be flexible.  And it should be noted that guys that just sleep with them in the hopes of landing a job may do so in vain.  This is by far the lowest idiot on the menu for them.

One other keen aptitude that these women have is the ability to smoke-out a fraud or faker.  They make mental notes throughout conversations and tag certain terms and explanations and will challenge inconsistencies.  This is the filter they use to avoid wasting time because they hear the excuses in the business world everyday.  Also, these women are assertive and have no issue when it comes to leaving a guy that does not make the cut.  Excuses are lame and the one thing that she wants to know are a partner’s goals in both life and business.  Throughout all aspects, if a Professional Woman finds a man attractive, then there is a good chance that she used her business decision-making skills in the process.

The Bi-Curious Woman

feature2There are some women that may seem devout in their disposition about who they are when it comes to sexuality.  Some women may use the term “Stictly Dickly!” to imply they are straight.  However, there are other women that may have the question, “What would it be like to be with another woman?”.  Most often,  these women prefer to avoid locking their minds into a defined sexuality.  They may care not to become classified as a lesbian, while not being thought of as a straight woman either to some extent.

The desire for a woman to sleep with another woman is not that uncommon, but some of the rationale to pursue another woman could be suspect.  One argument that some women may use is to view themselves as not cheating during a heterosexual relationship because homosexuality does not qualify as cheating,  Yet, others may have a dormant urge to be with another woman while fighting the personal and moral complications of fulfilling a deep desire.  Statistically, women find it easier to sleep with another woman more so than dating a younger man or dating interracially.  The ease of doing so seems less threatening and more discreet,  It is relatively common for these women to have their first bisexual experience with a close friend or co-worker.  The one factor is that the Bi-curious Woman is discreet and very selective about the person they care to share the experience with intimately.

Some of the characteristics the bi-curious woman may have are as follows:

  • Self masturbation & pleasure
  • Fantasies of being with another woman, but rather shy in pursuing the endeavor.
  • The temptation to flash, kiss, or flirt with another woman.
  • Touching other women in an affectionate way they may not be perceived as intimate.
  • Suggesting three-some with a male partner to introduce another woman into the bedroom.

The Bi-curios Woman may also make the first move from kissing or groping.  The thrill of being with another woman involves clitoral stimulation, the touching of breast-nipples and kissing.  One incentive for women in heterosexual relationships to get involved in these relationships may be based on the intimacy factor that another woman can provide that a male partner cannot.  Some would like to believe that the like-for-like vaginal contact is the sole motivation. However, the embracing, loving, and intimacy are the incentives based on research  from several studies.  The feminine touch is the stimulation or the hook to keep these women coming back for more.

Some women opposed to being with another woman may reject the notion on moral grounds or due to a lack of interest and many women opposing this practice do not like the taste of the vagina.  However, many of the women that are bi-curious may remain so for a short period and eventually return to a more conventional heterosexual relationship, while others may keep bisexuality as a life-long component.