Love Slave Part 2

Just as promised, here is the first of two sections of Love Slave this week. This one is quite a long one (although not as long as my last Sunday Story), and it leads in nicely to the shenanigans of Part 4. But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that… As always, any feedback […]

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No Glove! No Love!

Sex without a condo feels so good and there is no doubt about it, but despite all of the contraception tools we have, a barrier offers a bit more protection.  As a single woman without any STD’s or infections, my biggest fear is to wind up sleeping with someone who may view unprotected sex as a sport.  Growing up in LA during the 1990’s, almost every one of my female class-mates either had a child out of web-lock or caught an STD at some point.  Now, as I see them later in life, many of them are already grandmothers, still single and never-married.    The most disturbing trend I see is their daughters having children without a man either with a job o an education.

It is a sad legacy when visiting my friends, witnessing three lost generations of fatherless women.  I swore to myself and family that this was not going to happent o me.  One perverted philosophy I find among my firend’s children is the notion of accepting getting pregnant, but putting marriage under more scrutiny.  I pondered about the rationale for this argument until realizing that the reason some African-American women adopt this approach has more to do with marriage requireing more responsiblity than having a child.  In other words, she will have assitance to feed and raise a child without having t do much more than having sex, get a mediocre job, food-stamps and receive child support from the sperm-donor.  As a marital partner, she may be required to be more socially and legally responsible for the child.  You can probably equate this to some people that go into the prison system or military and get out and realize that it is easier to be taken care of by a larger insitution.

None of the women I have grown up with had a gyno exam prior to birthing their child and more than likely none of them could tell you who ther gynocologist is by name.  I don’t mean to be brash, but the true hurt sometimes.  I have had men actually leave my bed while I have been butt-naked with my thighs open in the missionary position because I asked then to put on a condom.  Over time, I realized one thing, those guys that have something to lose will put on a sleeve as opposed to those that don’t give a damn.  In my experience the condoms have never broke or slid-off as some of my friends claim out of the clear-blue after every time they wind up pregnant.

I am also very slow on giving a guy head unless we have been together for a very long time.  Yes, I fall into the stereo-type of black women that are notorious for not sucking dick.  He has to undergo a lot before that happens, but I am not one fo those women that will allow a guy to go down on them and say “I owe you one later…” This is immature, but some grown women neve grow up.

Women like myself may find pleasure with a pillow between our thighs on occasion and a battery-operated-boyfriend to releive the tension of sex at times instead of fucking any  penis that comes along.  Some times a girl just wants the penetration and release without the man.  Of course, masturbation is not as fulfilling s being with a man, but it calms us so that our hormones will not allow us to make the wrong decision based solely on a physical need.

I love the sensation of a man ejaculating in a consom inside me, because i can still feel the warmth of his sperm when he releases.  The added assurance of the latex allows me to enjoy the experience that much more.

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The Bi-Curious Woman

feature2There are some women that may seem devout in their disposition about who they are when it comes to sexuality.  Some women may use the term “Stictly Dickly!” to imply they are straight.  However, there are other women that may have the question, “What would it be like to be with another woman?”.  Most often,  these women prefer to avoid locking their minds into a defined sexuality.  They may care not to become classified as a lesbian, while not being thought of as a straight woman either to some extent.

The desire for a woman to sleep with another woman is not that uncommon, but some of the rationale to pursue another woman could be suspect.  One argument that some women may use is to view themselves as not cheating during a heterosexual relationship because homosexuality does not qualify as cheating,  Yet, others may have a dormant urge to be with another woman while fighting the personal and moral complications of fulfilling a deep desire.  Statistically, women find it easier to sleep with another woman more so than dating a younger man or dating interracially.  The ease of doing so seems less threatening and more discreet,  It is relatively common for these women to have their first bisexual experience with a close friend or co-worker.  The one factor is that the Bi-curious Woman is discreet and very selective about the person they care to share the experience with intimately.

Some of the characteristics the bi-curious woman may have are as follows:

  • Self masturbation & pleasure
  • Fantasies of being with another woman, but rather shy in pursuing the endeavor.
  • The temptation to flash, kiss, or flirt with another woman.
  • Touching other women in an affectionate way they may not be perceived as intimate.
  • Suggesting three-some with a male partner to introduce another woman into the bedroom.

The Bi-curios Woman may also make the first move from kissing or groping.  The thrill of being with another woman involves clitoral stimulation, the touching of breast-nipples and kissing.  One incentive for women in heterosexual relationships to get involved in these relationships may be based on the intimacy factor that another woman can provide that a male partner cannot.  Some would like to believe that the like-for-like vaginal contact is the sole motivation. However, the embracing, loving, and intimacy are the incentives based on research  from several studies.  The feminine touch is the stimulation or the hook to keep these women coming back for more.

Some women opposed to being with another woman may reject the notion on moral grounds or due to a lack of interest and many women opposing this practice do not like the taste of the vagina.  However, many of the women that are bi-curious may remain so for a short period and eventually return to a more conventional heterosexual relationship, while others may keep bisexuality as a life-long component.