Desiring Wicked Taboo Sex with a Partner

One of the most diffcult things to accomplish after you have chosen to be with someone long-term is to reveal the hidden sexual desires of your inner-self.  Women are more sensitive to this reality than men due to the very requirements that society places on them to behave.  Men are excused for certain social indiscretions, but womena re actually punished with social labels for the same desires.

You will rarely hear a women say that she would like for her partner to screw her brains out or wishing that her man would ram his man-hood inside her.  Most often, women will allow the partner to go if he is going in the sexual direction she wants.  Statistically, women born in the late 1980’s onward are more open to anal sex as an example, because many of them use d the practice in-lieu of regular sex in theri younger years to avoid pregnancy.  Some took the slow-down in teen-births at the beginning of the 21st Century as a sign that teen-agers of that era were more moral  In fact, they were more responsible in avoiding unwanted preganacies

In our modern era it is not uncommon for a woman to ask for a threesome with another woman or anal sex.  Yes, women have matured on a level pursue these desires along with many others without shame or remorse.  Another reality is that women are also coming to the conclusion that they have no need to be shameful.  If you look on many social media sites and private web-cam sites, women are fisting themselves, and plaving objects inside their bodies based on personal fulfillment.

According to a study on married couples, about 22% of the married American women surveyed revealed that they had unfulfilled sexual desires with their spouses and 37% of the married men polled revealed the same results.  One of the implications found through follow-up surveys was that both these men and women shared their desires with other parties online through social media sites.  However, only 55 of women and 13% of married men in the survey actually went outside the marriage at least once to fulfill and sexual fantasy.

One of the main issues causing this disconnect is a sense of embarrassment between partners in that it could convey inadequacies  between partners.


No Glove! No Love!

Sex without a condo feels so good and there is no doubt about it, but despite all of the contraception tools we have, a barrier offers a bit more protection.  As a single woman without any STD’s or infections, my biggest fear is to wind up sleeping with someone who may view unprotected sex as a sport.  Growing up in LA during the 1990’s, almost every one of my female class-mates either had a child out of web-lock or caught an STD at some point.  Now, as I see them later in life, many of them are already grandmothers, still single and never-married.    The most disturbing trend I see is their daughters having children without a man either with a job o an education.

It is a sad legacy when visiting my friends, witnessing three lost generations of fatherless women.  I swore to myself and family that this was not going to happent o me.  One perverted philosophy I find among my firend’s children is the notion of accepting getting pregnant, but putting marriage under more scrutiny.  I pondered about the rationale for this argument until realizing that the reason some African-American women adopt this approach has more to do with marriage requireing more responsiblity than having a child.  In other words, she will have assitance to feed and raise a child without having t do much more than having sex, get a mediocre job, food-stamps and receive child support from the sperm-donor.  As a marital partner, she may be required to be more socially and legally responsible for the child.  You can probably equate this to some people that go into the prison system or military and get out and realize that it is easier to be taken care of by a larger insitution.

None of the women I have grown up with had a gyno exam prior to birthing their child and more than likely none of them could tell you who ther gynocologist is by name.  I don’t mean to be brash, but the true hurt sometimes.  I have had men actually leave my bed while I have been butt-naked with my thighs open in the missionary position because I asked then to put on a condom.  Over time, I realized one thing, those guys that have something to lose will put on a sleeve as opposed to those that don’t give a damn.  In my experience the condoms have never broke or slid-off as some of my friends claim out of the clear-blue after every time they wind up pregnant.

I am also very slow on giving a guy head unless we have been together for a very long time.  Yes, I fall into the stereo-type of black women that are notorious for not sucking dick.  He has to undergo a lot before that happens, but I am not one fo those women that will allow a guy to go down on them and say “I owe you one later…” This is immature, but some grown women neve grow up.

Women like myself may find pleasure with a pillow between our thighs on occasion and a battery-operated-boyfriend to releive the tension of sex at times instead of fucking any  penis that comes along.  Some times a girl just wants the penetration and release without the man.  Of course, masturbation is not as fulfilling s being with a man, but it calms us so that our hormones will not allow us to make the wrong decision based solely on a physical need.

I love the sensation of a man ejaculating in a consom inside me, because i can still feel the warmth of his sperm when he releases.  The added assurance of the latex allows me to enjoy the experience that much more.

DiannaRose — Inglewood, CA











One Woman’s Take on Masturbation & Marriage

My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years now and masturbation is an important part of our marriage.  It was not easy at first, because I used to think when my man did it,another woman was on his mind.  Seeing and hearing his meat flapping at night after we had sex made me feel inadequate.  After he came and I orgasmed, I thought things were done for the night.

Well, being much younger and not knowing, I took it as an insult and labeled him a jerk of the highest level.  I thought it was inconsiderate and selfish.  After making him feel bad and emasculating him for it verbally, I found myself in the worse of moods all of the time.  One night, I woke up as he was stroking hi enis and turned the light on one night and asked him about masturbating.  That was the moment things changed for us.

My usual routine was to put the pillow over my head to drown out the sounds of his moans and to make sure that none of jis sperm saturated the sheets.  However, on this particular night, I pulled up the hem f my night-gown, open my thighs and matched him stroke for stroke with my clit.

He took my hands from between my thighs and guided it over his manhood.  I noticed immediately that he was far more erct than he was inside me only hours earlier.  He wiggled his fingers deep inside me and I guided his hand into the right spot that sent fireworks through my body.  We laid beside each other until I was so wet and he was so hard that sex was the only cure.

From that moment forard, it has become and esential part fo our sexual ritual and one that extends the pleasure in the bedroom.