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Mature Married Women Cheating with Younger Single Men

Mature Married Women Cheating with Younger Single Men
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There should be some truths presented first. Very seldom does a married woman over the age of 35 leave her husband for a single younger man. Now, we have seen this happen with celebrities and other famous personalities, but it still remains rare despite the news accounts and gossip.
Some would argue that a mature married woman would be too entrenched with traditional life-style that a marriage provides. Others suggest that women in general are more devoted to the institution of marriage than men in general.
There remains three areas of vulnerability for mature married women dating single younger men on the side: 
  1. The Age Difference which includes experience and knowledge.
  2. The Relevance Factor that the mature women is less relevant to the peers of the younger partner due to interest and age itself.
  3. The Applied Social Pressures that are compounded in these December-May relationships.

These are just the preliminary differences without the inclusion of other dating requirements that may be imposed regarding ethnicity, culture, background, personality, etc.   View the three items as added challenges to navigate through atop the other obstacles along with the infidelity issue.  The same considerations hold true for mature married women cheating with younger men. The first thing that a women of any age must realize is that the very act of going outside the marriage for anyone else is a sign that they are not serious about the present marital commitments and therefore their value as a viable long-term partner is compromised.

These romances are commonly referred to as flings and rarely develop beyond sexual activities. In the case of some high-profile celebrities that divorced and married much younger men, they find themselves in a game of catch-up either trying to remain contemporarily relevant in fashion, jargon, and physical appearance. These women are in a battle to keep the interest of the younger man thriving, but if you think about it, couples within the appropriate age-range have similar difficulties.  One thing to consider is that if a mature woman who play by the rules and divorces and have a legitimate relationship remains exposed to the aforementioned vulnerabilities, then an illicit affair with a younger man compounds the challenge.

This implies that a December-May relationship (one in which the woman is about a decade or more older than the gentleman) is a lot riskier than a conventional age-appropriate relationship in general and especially when it comes to cheating. The problem comes about when she becomes less interesting or dynamic for the younger partner and a sense of abandonment occurs.

This hits especially hard if the woman has given her all in the relationship to the point of planning to leave her spouse for the younger beau only to have her aspirations rejected.. The married mature woman has a slight advantage, provided the relationship is not discovered and that is these relationships are disposable.  The complications begin if one of the two parties (in the illicit affair)becomes emotionally attached. If she falls for the younger man beyond the sexual scope of the relationship, he could leave her without a husband, with a possible torn family if children are involved, and a broken heart.

However, if the younger single guy falls for a mature married woman, he could find himself in two compromising situations, as a sexual flesh-toy in order to win her over, or a fool trying to move a woman that would be of little benefit to him in the long-term for trist to spouse or lover. More specifically, she may not trust the younger guy to be a provider in that a dip in life-style may occur until he can actually support her.

Before a young single man embarks on a relationship with a mature married woman he should not. This is a totally negative equity relationship that has little merit beyond sex. Most single guys have a time-limit on dealing with mature married women because they have a limited shelf-life when it comes to being sexually attractive. Once skin continues to wrinkle and there is little to tuck or pull in order for her to appear younger or more attractive, then the once hot (MILF) becomes a liability a social liability to him.

This may be a hard pill for some women to swallow, but the fact is that other mitigating factors may arise such as her rationale for cheating with a younger man and her limitations on the relationship in respect to fear. The larger picture is that she may know her limitations and maybe taking advantage of the time horizon she has before getting too old to remain attractive. Another factor could be that the younger single man has some other incentive such as being paid or bribed, going for bragging rights with his peers about being with an older woman, or even falling in love.

The problem is that throughout history many couples involved in these arrangements have thought of ways of making it last, but rarely has it ever not due to the age difference, but because of the discreet infidelity. The contemporary trend is for older women to date younger men in an effort to redeem years lost in horrible marriages, to relive those glory days of the past, or to reconcile some of the negative criticisms pointed about her body or character by her spouse.  Another reason why mature women cheat with younger guys is control in the sense of dictating some of the very things that her spouse may have denied her.

In any case, younger single guys should try to avoid situations with married mature women at all cost. One consideration that has not been touched is the insecurity that accompanies the paranoia of cheating on a larger scale.  If she happens to be single or divorced, then there is hope for the relationship to work, but there is a mine-field of considerations prior to taking on the endeavor.

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