First Date Polling Survey

Our sister blog conducted a recent survey of single men and women  in respect to the question, “How far would you go on a first date?”  The overwhelming response from women implicated that kissing would be the extent of intimacy on a first date.  Men on the otherhand, favored touching.  This clearly defines the differences when it comes to the genders in respect to romantic appeal.

Women are using the more emotional and intimate form of expression by kissing.  Men use the physical aspect of touching in the sense to convey intimacy.  In bot  cases, it could be implied that a woman has the most limited interaction and can more than likely control the behavior to some extent on the first date..  If women choose to touch a man while or after kissing, there is a good sign that she may want a more inimate encounter than just kissing.  It could also imply that the women that like kissing and touching on the first date may just feel comfortable with their partner.  It should be noted o guys that touching does not equate to sex or intimacy beyond the practice.