Desiring Wicked Taboo Sex with a Partner

One of the most diffcult things to accomplish after you have chosen to be with someone long-term is to reveal the hidden sexual desires of your inner-self.  Women are more sensitive to this reality than men due to the very requirements that society places on them to behave.  Men are excused for certain social indiscretions, but womena re actually punished with social labels for the same desires.

You will rarely hear a women say that she would like for her partner to screw her brains out or wishing that her man would ram his man-hood inside her.  Most often, women will allow the partner to go if he is going in the sexual direction she wants.  Statistically, women born in the late 1980’s onward are more open to anal sex as an example, because many of them use d the practice in-lieu of regular sex in theri younger years to avoid pregnancy.  Some took the slow-down in teen-births at the beginning of the 21st Century as a sign that teen-agers of that era were more moral  In fact, they were more responsible in avoiding unwanted preganacies

In our modern era it is not uncommon for a woman to ask for a threesome with another woman or anal sex.  Yes, women have matured on a level pursue these desires along with many others without shame or remorse.  Another reality is that women are also coming to the conclusion that they have no need to be shameful.  If you look on many social media sites and private web-cam sites, women are fisting themselves, and plaving objects inside their bodies based on personal fulfillment.

According to a study on married couples, about 22% of the married American women surveyed revealed that they had unfulfilled sexual desires with their spouses and 37% of the married men polled revealed the same results.  One of the implications found through follow-up surveys was that both these men and women shared their desires with other parties online through social media sites.  However, only 55 of women and 13% of married men in the survey actually went outside the marriage at least once to fulfill and sexual fantasy.

One of the main issues causing this disconnect is a sense of embarrassment between partners in that it could convey inadequacies  between partners.


Keeping Secrets from Your Partner

The Romantic Truth website conducted a poll on the Google Plus Community  where the question was ‘[Are there any secrets that ou have not shared wih your partner?”  The interesting finding is that the majority of women and men do not have secrets held from their partners and 20% still do in some way or form.

The implications suggests that couples are more likely to be truthful with their partners in respect to sharing secrets. Also, this may imply that the relationhips may have a more communicative and solid foundation.  The 29% may be plagued with secrets that could range from marital affairs or worse.