Ethical Exhibitionism: Where to Find Consenting Audiences

I am an exhibitionist. I love being watched. Slowly undressing, teasing, exposing myself, growing hard in my panties with watchful, lusting eyes on me. My hands shaking with excitement as I caress myself, exploring what feels good, working my way down to my throbbing girl cock, all the while thinking about the audience enjoying themselves […]

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Love Slave Part 2

Just as promised, here is the first of two sections of Love Slave this week. This one is quite a long one (although not as long as my last Sunday Story), and it leads in nicely to the shenanigans of Part 4. But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that… As always, any feedback […]

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One Woman’s Take on Masturbation & Marriage

My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years now and masturbation is an important part of our marriage.  It was not easy at first, because I used to think when my man did it,another woman was on his mind.  Seeing and hearing his meat flapping at night after we had sex made me feel inadequate.  After he came and I orgasmed, I thought things were done for the night.

Well, being much younger and not knowing, I took it as an insult and labeled him a jerk of the highest level.  I thought it was inconsiderate and selfish.  After making him feel bad and emasculating him for it verbally, I found myself in the worse of moods all of the time.  One night, I woke up as he was stroking hi enis and turned the light on one night and asked him about masturbating.  That was the moment things changed for us.

My usual routine was to put the pillow over my head to drown out the sounds of his moans and to make sure that none of jis sperm saturated the sheets.  However, on this particular night, I pulled up the hem f my night-gown, open my thighs and matched him stroke for stroke with my clit.

He took my hands from between my thighs and guided it over his manhood.  I noticed immediately that he was far more erct than he was inside me only hours earlier.  He wiggled his fingers deep inside me and I guided his hand into the right spot that sent fireworks through my body.  We laid beside each other until I was so wet and he was so hard that sex was the only cure.

From that moment forard, it has become and esential part fo our sexual ritual and one that extends the pleasure in the bedroom.

The Faulty Wish List of Love

The Faulty Wish List of Love
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In life we may find people attractive and even develop fantasies based on that level of attraction; however things only go bad with these notions when we attempt to do the impractical in practical situations.  How many times has your overweight and out of shape girlfriend mentioned that she wants a healthy and muscular man?  The thought may be an escapism for a moment or two, but more often than not the fantasy will not come true. Within American culture it is easy to combine some of the elements associated with democracy and freedom of choice.  This philosophy is great for political movements, but does not translate well when it comes to relationships in this sense.  Under the cultural philosophy, there is a sense of entitlement, “Work Hard – Get Rewarded”, “Pay Your Taxes – Be a Good Citizen”, “People Who Go to Church Will be Blessed” etc. In other words there is a sense of acknowledgement for sacrifice and effort.  Now, of course this is not always true, but the belief remains so in many ways.   This belief is the parallel that fuses the “I can do, be, or acquire anything I want” philosophical approach from our cultural bias that is superimposed on other aspects of our lives including relationships.  This thought process is where a sense of entitlement prevails that is at best subjective and leaves the individual to devise the criteria for standards and expectations.

You sit back and listen to your girlfriend go on with the requirements for the guy in her life with the caveat that at some point she will begin working out.  In this situation there are some typical practices that prevail, 1) Motivation is sought vicariously through the guy because of the incentive needed to do something to benefit herself.  2) The aspiration may serve as a deliberate goal too far to acquire and therefore justification in the current habits and behavior are justified.  In many instances women with these aspirations for the muscular and healthy types may view being with them as some sort of stamp of approval to become accepted by the contemporary culture.  But, there are those women that honestly believe that who they want also wants them just as much.  It should be understood that men and other women may suffer from the complex.  And this complex is a very centric approach to relationships, “I like this or that  person and they should like me back because I believe so”.  This is a potentially dangerous approach that could lead to obsession or worse if not checked.  The fantasy becomes a wish list of requirements for the other person with the perception that the other party will take him or her at face-value.

There are two common features associated with many wish-list romances, 1) The fantasy takes priority and becomes a vital part to a person’s self-worthy, and ambition much like the ole “White Picket Fench” in American culture to keep the quest to aspire.  In many ways if the concept of hope was not established in the philosophy of the culture, America would be a different nation.  The same holds true in relationships.  2) The person with the wish list may fail to accept reality and even heighten dating standards and requirements.  Now, you may see a pattern forming in the sense that “the wish list is all that I have and it is a part of me”.  Which also conveys, “I am so damn desperate that have to figure out a way to justify being alone that is socially acceptable”.

Sometimes this list is used as a built-in excuse to buffer failure and or disappointment in a broader sense.  In our example about the larger woman desiring the healthier and muscular man, the guy would be the prize, and keeping him would be the challenge.  What usually happens with this form of aspirational dating is that instead of finding the person on the wish list seeking a conventional relationship, he or she finds a mutually exploitative reason to be with that person such as fetishes, etc.  The interesting thing is that many of these relationships actually work as long as the fantasy continues.  If that woman loses her weight then the muscular guy may stray and if he stopped working-out the same would apply.

Through it all, fantasies are great, but living within them to look for love is tricky and most often deceiving.  A realistic approach to love is a realistic pursuit of it which yields positive and tangible results.

Why Men Don’t Like Women Screaming in Bed During Sex

     Some guys would never tell a woman to hush while having sex.  Most guys would feel as though if they were to mention the annoyance that it would take the woman out of the mood to continue having sex.  However, there are guys that have been around the block several times and understand the antics of a faker.  Most often the neighbors are annoyed by the loud display and most often guys go through the assortment of noises just to get the sex. This is one reason many guys will hit it and quit it without any follow-up.  Women with lower moans and screams are more appealing, besides it makes the experience seem a bit more genuine,