Thirst Discipline

Ladies, how many times have you posted a selfie on Instagram or Facebook and there has been this one guy that has to compliments you on every thing you do?  That guy is definitely the one to avoid at all cost because he is thirsty for you.  Why so? Can you imagine if he had access to you 24/7? You would get sick of the compliments and his talking so damn much.  Yes, ladies the thirst is real.  Now. these guys usually try to out-post other guys and will defend you even when you are clearly in the wrong.  A guy that is this weal will literally allow you to run all over him without a second thought.

Most of use ladies consider these guys as losers and at best they might get into the “Friend’s Zone” or remain unfriended on the account.  You should not get it twisted and diss every guy that tries to add you on a friend request, because there are some that are legit.  I used to look at this pics they would send placing their peni against 16 ounce cans and bottles.  We should tell them that is not impressive for sexy ladies that can get a man with one clothed photo.  A guy may be well-hung, but may not know how to use his tool.

Another cliché I see a lot is the guy that has the car in his photo.  It seems that if they do not have a big penis, a big ego would compensate, “Not!”  Guys, please quit asking to text us if you do not know how, there is a reason, “We don’t know you on social media!”  Save it sending those tired ass links of videos with you beating your manhood, because it is pitiful to be that lonely and unwanted that you are literally screwing your own hand.

The guy that gets noticed will be the gentleman that conducts himself that way and even though some of us ladies may lie to ourselves that stretch-marks, side-boobs, and back-fat is sexy, remember some of you pasted that it was and so we think we go it going on.  Most of us post on social media for attention as Jausan and Tommy Sotomayor say.  It is all about attention and nothing more, because this is the only place we can be admired without having some creep trying to feel up on us.

I personally love wearing my thong and tee-shirt on Facebook and watch guy put me in the pedestal, because I know I will always have a fool or two out there willing to pay my bills and buy me gifts if I so desire.  Sorry guys, it is true even though I could never bring myself to use a dude, I can say that some of the offers are tempting.  My advice to guys on social media is to be a man an share more than pics of your weak ass penis because I know yall get tired of seeing our fake or fat asses wearing booty-shorts, tatted-up and wearing yards of weave.  In any case keep trying and maybe some girl will give you some ass because they feel sorry for you, but not me.


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Social Media & Your Relationship

People contact me on a regular basis about social networking and their relationships.  Most of the questions revolved around the role of social media in their relationships.  I am one who is convinced that social media is a tool and not a way of life in order to filter our meet people based on the biased information may provide in profiles and accounts.  As I mentioned before in other articles, and intangible third-party such as drugs and alcohol preoccupation with technology are all detriments to sustainable relationships.

The main problem with social media relationships is that is misused as a means to communicate frustration, conflict, and issues that need to be discussed with a partner. Instead it becomes a platform for discussion boards and input from friends, family, and total strangers about an issue that impacts the lives of two people.  It is also a quick fix to find another person to begin a relationship with based on being tired of the current situation.  The illusion is that the new and exciting individual communicated with will in some way the better than the person they are currently dating.  The common mistake most people make in pursuing this avenue while in relationships is that they divulge too much personal information about their current situation in relationship.

The problem with this approach with social media is that it is very common for a partner in a relationship to inform a friend are total stranger about the current situation there experiencing without discussing it with their mate.  Another truth is that in many cases this errant partner may choose to trust this individual online more so than they do the person right before them.  The assumption is that the other person cares about their situation, their goals, and the things important to them.

Some studies have been conducted that reveal people in relationships that have external online relationships most often than not fail to leave the stability of what they have and pursue their online romance.  In fact, one study depicted that about 75% of online relationships beginning while in an existing one failed due to a lack of sincerity by both parties.  In other words, after the romance and sexual intimacy the online suitors found it best not to pursue a relationship with these individuals due to the reality that they would eventually have the same thing done to them.  The end result of these types of relationships where social media has interrupted many of the functional elements of it is a breakup or divorce.

The first step in establishing a relationship and social media with someone while in a tangible relationship is to find an individual less empathetic to your situation.  This individual usually mirrors your sentiments until your comparable with them to a point where you would disclose more information about your partner and yourself than even they know.  Now if someone asked you for your Social Security number or driver’s license number you would object, but online people are willing to give up this information in order to find support.  Once an ally has been established online, and the person meets the physical requirements of the individual, then comes the alienation process of the current relationship.

This alienation process takes place in various steps and usually it is motivated by some sort of catalysts it could be the beginning of the year, a birthday, an anniversary date, are some other symbolic timeframe.  This is usually personal and is rarely shared with their tangible partner and therefore in autonomous decision has been made to end the relationship, vilify the partner, and reduce them emotionally to a friend or even an associate.  Now, this works specifically for the individual that seeks out a social media relationship while in a tangible relationship.

In other words, they seek out a better opportunity for them emotionally, economically, and in some cases spiritually. Rarely do they have a better situation, but most often it is a different situation with the same lingering issues that made them leave the first tangible relationship behind.  This forms a pattern of behavior and it is fueled by boredom and routine because the interactivity the socialization when it comes to meeting new people is readily accessible and therefore the perception is they are missing out.

There is yet to be a comprehensive study to show how many people that have left  stable relationships in the pursuit of online or social media relationships.  What this comes down to our three fundamental factors, self-preservation, personal agenda, and a means to objectify people.  Social media does just that to individuals, making them more valuable than they really are in respect to caring, loving, and nurturing.  The main objective for people using social media for relationships while they’re in one is to take a vacation from the relationship is not a full leave of absence.

Now, here’s the downside to social media relationships while involved in a current one.  Overtime you not taken seriously for long-term consideration when it comes to relationships in general.  Also, when someone sees you on social media specially dating sites and witnesses how many friends you have this impacts their perception of you in the sense that they may feel as though more than one of the people in your group has been intimate with you.

In essence, social media is a third will in a relationship because it alienates to two parties and bastardize us the interpersonal communication between two people as silence and keyboard taps become the dialogue over words much like the relationship they try to establish online.